Second Delegation from Jiaxing, China Visits Antioch

Jiaxing, China delegates meet local cowboy Jack Roddy at the Roddy Ranch Golf Club. From left - Luo Xianzhong, Allen Payton, Yao Yuming, Jiang Suolou, golf club General Manager Kevin Fitzgerald, Jack Roddy, James Shenn, Fu Yiming and Wu Kaiming. photo by Scott Barrow

Another group of officials from Jiaxing, China visited Antioch, this week, to further efforts in establishing a Sister City relationship with Antioch for both business trade and cultural exchange. The first delegation visited Antioch in May of this year.

Jiaxing is a city of approximately three million people near Shanghai, on the Grand Canal of China, on the eastern side of the country.

The delegates met with Mayor Jim Davis, Councilwoman Mary Rocha and local business people James Shenn, Ming Zhou and Antioch Herald Publisher Allen Payton, all members of the Antioch Rotary Club (where the concept for the relationship originated, last year), and exchanged business cards and gifts, took photos and shared ideas of cultural, art and education exchanges between the two cities.

The delegates included Mr.Wu Kaiming, Secretary-General of Jiaxing Municipal Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Mr. Luo Xianzhong, Vice Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Congress, Mr.Jiang Suolou, Director of Jiaxing Municipal Supervision Bureau, Ms.Wang Mingxia, Director of Jiaxing Administration of Culture Broadcasting Television Press & Publication, Ms. Fu Yiming, Director of Education, Science, Culture, Public Health and Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Congress and Mr,Yao Yuming, Director of Jiaxing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries who is also a police officer.

The group also had the opportunity to meet Antioch City Manager Jim Jakel and Police Chief Allan Cantando.

The group was then given a tour of Antioch, including a stop at Roddy Ranch Golf Club where they met a real American cowboy, Jack Roddy, as well as a stop at the historic El Campanil Theatre, for a tour by Executive Director Rick Carraher.

The day finished with lunch at Humphrey’s on the Delta in the Harbor Room overlooking the river.

Those interested in helping establish the Antioch – Jiaxing Sister City Committee and participating in activities, trips to Jiaxing, and a youth educational exchange next summer, please contact either James Shenn at (925) 628-8308 or by email at or Allen Payton at (925) 457-0414 or by email at

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Jiaxing China delegation with Jack Roddy

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