Occupy, Tea Party Share Some Common Concerns, Offer Different Solutions

After watching and listening to some of the more rational people involved in the Occupy movement across the country, it’s obvious they share some common ground with the concerns and complaints expressed by the Tea Party folks, over the past few years.

Both are concerned with the big banks and the taxpayer-funded bailouts to the financial industry, while the average American homeowner lost thousands of dollars in value without receiving any bailout, and the fact that some are still losing their homes, today.

But, the solutions are different. It appears that the Occupy forces look at big business as bad and government as good. They want more government. On the other hand the Tea Party folks want less government and more individual freedom and responsibility.

The problem isn’t capitalism, it’s both immoral and irresponsible individuals who use our free market system to take advantage of others for their own financial gain, and politicians who keep using tax dollars to benefit those who contribute to their campaigns. That’s not capitalism. It’s crony socialism.

John Adams once stated “our Constitution was written for a moral and religious people.”

The same goes for all aspects of our free society – government and the private sector, included.

Government needs to do a better job of regulating the financial industry – especially the largest institutions, and prohibit the creation of esoteric investment vehicles without true value, such as derivatives.

Those in the private sector should not be motivated by greed and should make sure that whatever actions they take and investments they make are responsible and will not hurt another person.

It’s called the Golden Rule.

One thing many in both camps have in common is the desire to rein in the Federal Reserve that controls our interest rates and has been overprinting our currency, devaluing it, causing inflation.

Next year we have an opportunity to find common ground and vote out those in office in Washington, D.C. who have been part of the problem, and forgotten whose hard-earned money they’re spending (ours), whose future they’re putting deeper in debt (our children and grandchildren) and vote in a group of responsible representatives.

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