Numerous Arrests in Murder of Oakley Teen at Antioch Party

Ricky Mendoza

Tony Martin

Jessica Juarez

George Hellums

Carlos Guzman

Christopher Donaldson

On August 20 a group of documented gang members showed up, uninvited, to a birthday party in the 2800 block of Seville Circle in Antioch. There, Jessica Juarez, 18, of Brentwood, came into contact with her ex-boyfriend, a 16-year-old Oakley resident. He associated with a rival gang of her current boyfriend, Carlos Guzman, 18, of Antioch.

A verbal argument escalated into a physical fight, and several shots were fired at the Oakley teen. Officers along with medical personnel arrived and began life-saving efforts. He was transported to Sutter Delta Medical Center where he succumbed to his wounds.

A 17-year-old Antioch female was also shot and injured while fleeing the party. She was driven to the hospital by a friend, suffering from a single gunshot wound, for which she was treated and later released.

Guzman was not at the party at the time of the murder, but telephone records indicated he was on his way and intended to kill the victim. Because he could not get there in a timely manner, he ordered his fellow gang members to take action for him. Guzman is still outstanding and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Tony Martin, 19, of Antioch and Concord, has also been charged with shooting the 17-year-old girl who was fleeing the party. Martin was already in custody and charged with a separate gang-related murder in the city of Concord that occurred 8 days later.

On October 28 the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office filed felony murder charges with gang enhancements against:

Leon Moreno (5/19/1992), Antioch resident – In custody
Ricky Mendoza (12/10/1992), Antioch resident – In custody
Tony Martin (7/31/1992), Antioch/Concord resident – In custody
Christopher Donaldson (2/1/1990), Antioch resident – In custody
Carlos Guzman (10/6/1993), Antioch resident – Still outstanding

Also charged with conspiracy to commit murder was:
Jessica Juarez (09/07/93) Brentwood resident – In custody

Awaiting charges:
George Hellums (09/18/1992), Antioch resident – In custody

Anyone with information is asked to call APD dispatch at 778-2441 or Detective Desmond Bittner at 779-6939.

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