Newberry Brightens Cancer Patient’s Day

A. Ben Cabal, Aaron Leake and Jeremy Newberry.

By Denise Leake, Christine Leake, and Debbie Bonshire

The journey for Aaron Leake has been a long and hard one. Almost two and half years ago, one week after the birth of his son, Aaron was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

As anyone that has a cancer patient in their family understands it takes a tremendous toll on everyone. You look forward to the good days and cry when the bad days come. You try to keep your family member comfortable and make those everlasting memories that you’ll never forget.

As Aaron’s cancer has progressed we have been blessed by the numerous people that have offered to help and come visit. He recently had an especially special day as he is a lifelong Niner fan. Ex-Niner player (and former Antioch High star) Jeremy Newberry paid Aaron a visit.

It put a twinkle in Aaron’s eyes when he learned that he was going to finally meet a Niners player in person. Aaron’s massage therapist, A. Ben Cabal, set up the special meeting. The kindness of Mr. Cabal and Mr. Newberry will be one that our family never forgets.

Photos by Benjamin Cabal

Leake calling his dad to share the great news while sporting his signed hat, shirt, and football from Jeremy Newberry.

Aaron Leake with his mom Denise, aunt Debbie Bonshire and sister Christine.

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