Stop eBART, I Want to Get Off

To the editor:

I have been following BART since it started about 40 years ago. How did we get e-BART? I don’t ever remember a session where the locals had any input. I know we were in on many meetings to hear what was being done, but never were we in on the plans for construction.

Why are there two rail lines between Antioch and Pittsburg? One should do, and be about 3 million dollars cheaper. Why are there two rail sizes involved?

I am asking questions because I don’t know the answers. I see no reason why we can’t have one line connection to Pittsburg. I don’t expect that much traffic. I thinks it’s time to stop everything and start over again.

Bob Oliver

4 Comments to “Stop eBART, I Want to Get Off”

  1. Martin Fernandez says:

    Editor: I can’t understand why all these people didn’t go to all the meetings eBart had and try to ask questions. There were many of those meetings. If you don’t stay informed you deserve what you get.

  2. Arne Simonsen says:

    Marty, Bob has quite a few years on both of us and sometimes it is difficult for him to get to the meetings in his electric scooter. But you see him at all the parades in Antioch.

    By the way, Bob, BART was first discussed 51 years ago and approved by the voters in San Francisco, Alameda & Contra Costa counties in 1962 (49 years ago).

  3. Bob Driskell says:

    D-bart not Ebart.
    D for diesel engines pumping out more contaminents for us to breathe. D for dumb.

  4. BOB OLIVER says:


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