New Deer Valley Principal Seeks Input

Kenneth Gardner

By Tami Barrera

The biggest change that students and staff returning to the Deer Valley High campus will experience this year is the appointment of a new principal, Kenneth Gardner. He wants the students, staff and parents to know that he will listen to what they have to say and is willing to implement ideas that will work toward educational achievement.

Gardner served 20 years in the Air Force, including four years of active duty as an air traffic controller and 16 in the reserves in security forces. He retired with the rank of major. He also has served 20 years as a police officer in Southern California.

His most recent experience is as principal at Vista Continuation School, which has more than 300 students, where he was also overseer of the student welfare attendance. While at Vista he found himself missing the organized chaos of high school, leading him to apply for the Deer Valley job.

Before that he worked at De Anza High School in Richmond for three years, and served on the Student Attendance Review Board and was the district’s designated hearing officer.

Principal Gardner was chosen from 37 candidates who were interviewed by a panel of parent and community representatives along with district members.

Former Deer Valley Co-Principal Scott Bergerhouse was amongst the candidates, but was instead appointed vice principal of Black Diamond Middle School. Deer Valley’s other former co-principal, Clarence Isadore, is now the principal of Carmen Dragon Elementary.

With the commitment and support of the students, parents and staff, Gardner is confident that the successful path marked out by Isadore and Bergerhouse will continue.

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Kenneth Gardner

One Comment to “New Deer Valley Principal Seeks Input”

  1. Jim says:

    Well, this will be interesting. I am fond of hiring Veterans, so that is good. I was surprised that neither of the “Twincipals” were selected, and, putting Scott to a vice-principal position, well, I don’t think he will stay long after that, but that is just my opinion. I guess there are only so many slots for principals in any given year.

    I wish the best to all of these folks as they have MASSIVE challenges dealing with the most messed up California government, possibly ever, but surely one of the top 3 sets of government officials.

    — Jim

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