Principal Decision at Deer Valley a Tough One

With budget cuts hitting hard in our ever so humble economy, there are hard decisions out there that need to be made. The toughest decision facing Deer Valley High is not whether they should have a bigger gym or a larger pool – it is whether they should have two principals or one.

Scott Bergerhouse has been nice enough to step up and say, “I understand that this is a budget year and I have faith in the school board that they will know what they were doing.” Scott is confident that they will make their decision not only based on the budget, but what will benefit the bigger picture of Deer Valley’s future.

According to many supporting parents of the two-principal model, Deer Valley has made tremendous progress since 2007 when Scott Bergerhouse and Clarence Isadore came on board. With over 2,700 students making up the student body, two principals just made sense. Campus authority became more visible and children felt safer and more eager to attend school, stay in class and care about their education.

By returning to a one-principal high school Deer Valley will face a transition in which the majority of the parents will be displeased with the decision, but when it comes to money there really is no other alternative.

While it is very important to maintain a system that works, it is also important to keep lights on and maintain the building that is being occupied by so many students. The decision is not easy and many factors will be taken into account to reach a final conclusion. Whether Deer Valley has one principal or two, the children’s safety and education will not be compromised.

According to Wendi Aghily, the CSEA Union has agreed to union concessions in order to work with the budget. This decision may be just what Antioch needs in these hard economic times.

Tami Berrera

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