Ruehligs Greet Philippine Ambassador

In his first official visit to the Bay Area, newly appointed Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. (center), was welcomed by (L-R) Cynthia Ruehlig, Contra Costa County Board of Education Trustee, and Walter Ruehlig, Antioch Unified School District Trustee at a reception at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco.

Ambassador Cuisia is soliciting support for “Save Our Industries Act” which will provide duty-free benefits for apparel products imported into the United States that have been manufactured in the Philippines using U.S. made fabrics.

Ambassador Cuisia asserted that The Save Act program would help both the U.S. textile industry and the Philippine apparel manufacturing industry by creating thousands of jobs and generating over a billion dollars in revenue for both countries. For more information, visit

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Ruehligs and Cuisia

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