Don’t Forget Antioch High

I am happy to see that the Antioch Herald is back in print. I truly enjoy reading about what’s happening in my local community. As an educator who lives and works in Antioch, I could not help but notice that you had three articles pertaining to Deer Valley High and one for Dozier-Libby High, but none for Antioch High.

It brought back much of the frustration I use to feel in the past when I read the Herald because of the disproportionate coverage it gave to the various high schools in the Antioch community. Inclusiveness is central to the success of any newspaper. Like our sister schools, Antioch High School has many bright and talented young adults who are deserving of being given fair space in your newspaper.

I hope the Antioch Herald will take the time to be mindful of covering the special things that are happening in the local schools with more equity. Thank you.

Ms. Shawn Gilbert
AHS Teacher

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