Be on Lookout for Scam Artist

On March 20 at  7 p.m. in the 2400 block of Cambridge Drive in Antioch, a male posing as an AT&T employee came to several houses stating he had a special offer for the elderly residents.  The subject had an AT&T  identification card with a photo, that upon closer examination did not match that of the suspect.  The suspect asked for personal information, indicating it was part of the sales procedure.

AT&T has been contacted, and it has been confirmed that this was not one of their employees.  The Antioch Police Department would like to make this information known to the public so that they don’t fall victim to any such fraud.

If anyone has any similar future contacts, please call local police if the suspect is still present.  Anyone with information regarding similar past contacts in Antioch, please call Detective Kollo at 925-779-6895.

One Comment to “Be on Lookout for Scam Artist”

  1. Allen Payton says:

    A guy just came by my house claiming to be with AT&T Uverse. First, when I asked who it was before opening the door, he said “FBI.” I opened the door and when he told me he was with AT&T I asked him for ID. He said he left it in his coat in his friend’s car. I told him to bring it back then I’d talk to him. I said why would I give you my personal information? He said I wasn’t going to ask you for anything I just wanted to show you something. I said your forms will require my personal information. He said if you buy something. Then ge said, I feel you. I get you. We’re going to need your Social Security # if you sign up. I said right then you take it and go steal my identity. He said I’ll be back tonight. I told him if he didn’t come back with his ID I’d be calling the police. I may do it anyways.

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