Six Antioch Cops’ Jobs Saved, For Now

Negotiations between Police and City Continue, Acrimony Calms Down

By Allen Payton, Publisher

According to Antioch Councilman Brian Kalinowski, the six police officers who had received layoff notices before Christmas, still have their jobs.

In a December 30 email, Kalinowski stated “No one has been laid off. Date moved using other than city funds to try to work it out.”

The date he referred to is for negotiating the changes in the contract with the Antioch Police Officers Association (APOA).

When asked if it was because of the $100,000 provided by Tom Nokes, owner of the Antioch Auto Center, Kalinowski replied, “Among other money being tracked down. But yes.”

“[The] new date is January 21 to work it out,” he added. “I am confident we can hammer this out.”

In addition, the emotionally charged atmosphere and acrimony by the APOA toward the city council appears to have calmed down.  Both the “wanted poster” containing photos of all five council members and City Manager Jim Jakel, and their phone numbers, as well as the home-made videos attacking new council members Wade Harper and Gary Agopian have been removed from the APOA’s Facebook page.

Movement has occurred in contract negotiations with other city employee groups, including the Police Management, including a phasing in over the next few years of employees paying their share of pensions, including 9% for police and 8% for all other city employees.

One Comment to “Six Antioch Cops’ Jobs Saved, For Now”

  1. James says:

    Hooray for Mr. Nokes! Terribly sad that the city cannot fight it’s way out of a wet paper bag and a local business had to swoop in to save our cops.

    I pray that the city council is truly wise and will alleviate us all of the politics and will instead take the role seriously and put our cops on the street and not in the unemployment line.

    This city council has a MASSIVE opportunity to do GOOD and rebuild trust with the residents of Antioch.

    I challenge them to become a cohesive unit with one interest in mind – THE SAFETY OF THE CITY.

    These people need to end the foolish spending on purple marble signs, $200K water drops and other frivolous, foolish spending and focus on their RESPONSIBILITY to the citizens of Antioch – SAFETY first, all other stuff second…

    Respectfully submitted,
    James M.

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