Welcome to the Antioch Herald

Starting a newspaper in this day and age and in this economy is not easy. But we feel that Antioch, a thriving city of more than 100,000 people, deserves its own newspaper that is of, for and about Antioch.

Because it is a financial challenge to launch a newspaper, we are starting off online initially. But our plan is to mail a newspaper to every residence and business in Antioch, first as a monthly and then twice a month. Whether we are able to achieve that goal will depend on support from advertisers and readers who support those advertisers.

In any case, we are here now online and plan to be around to chronicle the ups, downs, highs, lows and everything in between that goes on in this exciting, always interesting city. With a limited staff, we will depend on your help to do that. Please send us letters to the editor, news tips, articles, article ideas, photos, press releases, etc. If something interesting is going on in your neighborhood, school, church, workplace, club and elsewhere, let us and your fellow residents know. We’re here for you.

Send your items to editor@antiochherald.com.

Dave Roberts

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  1. Jack Yeager says:

    I wish you success.

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