Shooting Near Antioch High School

Shooting near Antioch High

On Oct. 28 at just after 1 p.m., Antioch police officers responded to the area of West 18th and G streets on a report of an in-progress shooting. Upon arrival officers were advised that a person had been seen shooting at a group of individuals located at the dead end of West 19th Street.

Due to the close proximity of the incident to Antioch High School and the unknown direction of flight of the shooter, restricted access procedures were initiated at Antioch High School. It was quickly determined that the suspect in the shooting fled from the shooting scene.

Within moments the Antioch Police Department apprehended a 17-year-old Hispanic male and recovered the firearm. The Antioch Unified School District was notified, and the restricted access procedure was rescinded. There were no reported victims or injuries in this case. There is no indication that any Antioch High School students were involved in this incident.

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  1. Melissa Case says:

    Why were the parents of AHS notified??

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