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Ruehlig was misrepresented by CCT

I haven’t written heretofore about my wife’s Area 5 County Board of Education campaign precisely because Cynthia Ruehlig is a resolutely independent personality standing on her own merits. I am compelled, though, to answer a denigrating misfact. Cynthia was accused in an October 20th Times editorial of “misrepresenting” herself as a “Nonprofit Administrator.” Cynthia’s designation is transparent. She completed a two-year study in Nonprofit Management at the California State University East Bay and filed her credential with the County Elections Office.

My wife proudly acknowledged herself as a due diligence clerk (County Child Protective Services) in a June, 2010 letter to the editor; as a working class employee on her website, www.cynthiaruehlig.com, and as a clerk in her Times recorded interview. Why tabloid journalism?

The editorial conveniently ignores the election manual, which states a candidate may elect occupation or vocation. Webster defines vocation as a calling, pursuit, passion. Cynthia pointedly defines her vocation. Former computer teacher, businesswoman, church webmaster, five-time foster parent and co-founder of the Antioch Music Foundation, Cynthia writes grants resulting in thousands of dollars for school instruments, field trips and community concerts.

Unfazed by neither fear nor favor, Cynthia is owed an apology by the Times interviewer, Daniel Borenstein.

Walter Ruehlig

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