Letter Sandra &Edwin Stokes

We need Parsons

We have always shown a deep love for our city and for the direction that it has been going in. Times are tough, money is short and many difficult decisions have been made concerning downsizing and change. We have voiced our opinions about our concerns to Martha Parsons via the e-mail. We can honestly say that she is the only council member to write us back with full explanations of the whys and wherefores and to also let us know that if she has any other information she will get back to us. And she has done that also! That to me, speaks highly of her dedication and tenacity. That is what this city needs: a voice! that listens to the people and works for them.

Being born in Antioch with all her children living here as well, she understands how important the vitality of our community is to the residents and business men and women who work here. Martha has served the City Council well for the past 22 months and she will continue to work and serve the best interests of all of Antioch, while working to improve the quality of life for all of our families.

Martha is a determined, hard working woman who is able to be a full time representative for her community. She has proven to us that she has excellent open communication skills and is diligent, honest, professional, and direct when is comes to responding back. She listens, evaluates, discusses, then makes decisions based on what is reasonable. This is what sound government is all about.

We need a Martha Parsons downtown. Her love of our community and her passion for service during her short  tenure has brought a positive influence to our city. This has become  evident with her involvement in such projects as Keep Antioch Beautiful, which she started and had over 900 volunteers help clean up our community by coming together around Earth Day 2010. The volunteer Graffiti Abatement Program was created and implemented with Martha as Co-Chair. She assisted the Delta Blues Festival and Hapgood Theatre in remaining viable by procuring sponsorship monies. She co-chaired the 4th of July Parade, which became an all-volunteer endeavor.

Her heart is definitely in our community. Vote for Martha Parsons this November. She will serve us well and prove to be a positive change in the city of Antioch.

Sandra and Edwin Stokes

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