Letter from Joy Motts

Committed to education, community

Dear voter,

I am a lifelong resident of Antioch, a parent volunteer, community liaison coordinator at Antioch Senior High, the daughter of a former four-term school board member and a parent to an Antioch High School graduate. I have the experience to serve as a trustee for Antioch Unified School District Board.

My commitment to education and my community has spanned 30 years. I have successfully forged strong relationships with parents, business partners and service organizations to bring resources and funding to improve our district. I have had the unique opportunity to see what works and doesn’t work for children and students in Antioch.

Our oldest schools have been in serious need of restoration for many years, so I volunteered to be the chairperson of our successful $61 million School Improvement Bond in 2008. These bonds will restore and provide new infrastructure, technology and opportunity for our kids. Additionally, I was able to fund-raise over $60,000 from local businesses and service organizations for new scoreboards, campus murals, beautification projects and monies to celebrate academic improvement.

Strong parent involvement is absolutely necessary for our children’s success. My vision is for teachers, families and administrators working together to provide new and innovative ideas to tackle the challenges we face in these financially difficult times. I am ready and able to make the tough decisions to provide the very best in education for all of Antioch’s children. They deserve no less. If you would like more information please visit my website, www.joymotts.com.

I would appreciate your vote on November 2, 2010.

Thank you.

Joy Motts
Candidate for Trustee Antioch Unified School District

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