Letter Jack Yeager

Fresh ideas needed on school board


My name is Jack Yeager and I am running for the Antioch School Board.

Why should you vote for me? As a new comer to Antioch, I bring a fresh perspective on old problems that seem unresolved by former school boards. Being an educator I can bring new ideas to help our students receive the needed information to achieve the knowledge to be financially independent at graduation. Having been involved with the creation of businesses over the last 20 years, my experience can benefit both the board and students.

On the subject of campus security, steps are planned to help tackle this problem with uniforms, but not all families will participate for various reasons. This will lead to a mix population, clothing wise and not resolve the problem.

I know there are other solutions while perhaps not popular would keep our campuses free of unwanted visitors.

The community, including parents, business partners, teachers, classified personnel and administrators need to cooperate in understanding our current situation, to establish a plan to deal with it. I can help with this process succeed.

My name is Jack Yeager and I would appreciate your vote.

Jack Yeager
Antioch School Board Candidate

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