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Antioch Police make five arrests, Thursday night, for guns, drugs, stolen car, stealing gas

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Gun, bullets and drugs confiscated from one suspect by Antioch Police officers Thursday night, April 2, 2020. Photos by APD.

With help of K9 Officer Purcy

By Antioch Police Department

Good morning Antioch! Just wanted to let you know APD Night Crew was providing continuing education for crooks about shelter in-place:

Thursday night, our coppers got a call over on Lemontree Way about some suspicious activity. They swooped in and found a miscreant in possession of a loaded handgun, in addition to drugs for sale. Since we love to impress the good taxpayers of our city (because you pay our salaries), we decided to find an occupied Infinity stolen from Concord a few streets away on Mahogany Way.

And then, K9 Purcy led a team of officers over to Sunset Drive for a reported video alarm showing two bandits in the fenced-off yard of a business. Purcy found one guy hiding behind a building and another in the bushes.

More arrests were made at Comfort Inn on Mahogany Way, on Sunset Drive and Buchanan Road.

And lastly, we got another video alarm showing a hoodlum siphoning gasoline from vehicles on Buchanan Road. A bunch of blue went over there and found the petro pirate hiding under a van with a five gallon can of gasoline.

Five arrests and five individuals who would’ve been better off staying at-home.

ATTENTION ALL CROOKS!!! Don’t come to our city to commit shenanigans, because you’ll soon learn that we aren’t havin’ it. Eh, I guess not many of them follow us on social media, but hopefully they get the message.

Sleep tight Antioch! We are watching over things (like we do every night) to keep you safe!!! BTW – Purcy’s a good boooooooy. #AntiochStrong

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Antioch Police with help of K9 arrest man with knife for attempted robbery, burglary Wednesday night

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Antioch Police K9 Purcy and suspect arrested on Wed., April 1, 2020. Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

While our fine residents were sheltering (and hopefully sleeping), APD Night Shift was patrolling the town making sure y’all were safe. A little after midnight, a call went out of a man banging on the doors of closed pizza parlor on Contra Loma. This fella was using a metal object (later determined to be a knife) to hit the door and was reportedly wearing a ski mask. Officers arrived in one-minute flat but the pizza prowler had already left.

While they were figuring things out, a man approached and said someone tried to rob him at knifepoint of his bicycle. Team Blue flooded the area and flushed out a guilty conscience who took off running (failed application of social distancing) when he saw the arrival of our fine-looking cruisers. He quickly gave up when he saw the lead car was Officer Amiri and his loyal sidekick, Purcy (good choice). Upon the fitment of the metal bracelets, this bandit was found in possession of a knife and ski mask, allowing us to trace him to both incidents.

Moral of the story? Shelter in-place keeps everyone out of trouble (oh, and don’t mess with OUR TOWN!) Sleep tight Antioch – we are here for you morning, noon, and night!

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Arizona man arrested for felony assault on Antioch Police Officer following car chase, crash Tuesday

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Was also driving on walking trails in Brentwood

Andy Monticello

By Sergeant Rick Smith, Antioch Police Community Police Bureau

On March 31, 2020 at approximately 1:35PM, Oakley PD attempted to stop a white Nissan Altima with Arizona plates, later found to be driven by 54-year-old Andy Monticello for reckless driving. He refused to stop, and a pursuit ensued. The pursuit was terminated due to the reckless nature of the pursuit.

A short time later, the Brentwood Police Department began receiving calls of Monticello driving on the walking trails in their city. Multiple callers reported him driving along the trails and nearly hitting pedestrians. Updates kept coming in from numerous citizens reporting Monticello was driving reckless on Highway 4 bypass near Sand Creek Road and then again on Balfour Road. Citizen’s reported Monticello was last seen westbound on Balfour Road at a high-speed running red lights and attempting run other motorists off the road. Brentwood PD Officers converged in the areas of reported sightings and were diligently attempting locate Monticello.

Antioch Officers began to head towards Deer Valley Road based on updated reports of Monticello’s last known direction of travel. An Antioch Patrol Sergeant was southbound on Deer Valley Road when Monticello came towards him. Monticello pulled into the oncoming lane of traffic in front of the Sergeant. When the Sergeant attempted to move into the other lane to avoid a collision, Monticello matched the movement and continued to drive his vehicle at the Sergeant. Both vehicles collided head on and the Sergeant then used his vehicle to push Monticello’s off the roadway and immobilize it. Monticello was taken into custody without further incident.

Monticello was later booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on an outstanding Felony Warrant from Arizona and multiple new charges from this incident to include Felony Assault on an Officer. Oakley PD will be seeking charges related to their earlier pursuit. The Brentwood Police Department is contacting possible victims related to incidents that occurred in their city.

This was a collaborative effort by all agencies involved to resolve this incident as safely as possible and demonstrates the ongoing support each agency in Contra Costa County has for one another.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925) 778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.

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Contra Costa Fire seeks public’s help identifying Antioch arson suspect

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Security camera screenshots of Antioch arson suspect. Photos: ConFire

By Steve Hill, Public Information Officer, ConFire

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District’s Fire Investigation Unit is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspect in a recent Antioch arson fire.

Anyone with information about the pictured suspect is asked to call the Con Fire Arson. Tip Line at 1-866-50-ARSON (7766).

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Oakley man killed in car collision with Antioch teen Wednesday night

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

By Sergeant Rick Martin #3343, Antioch Police Traffic Division

On March 25,2020, at 9:45 pm, Antioch Police Officers responded to the intersection of Contra Loma Boulevard and the eastbound Highway 4 offramp on a report of a vehicle collision. Upon arrival officers located two vehicles involved in a collision. A 52-year-old male from Oakley was pronounced deceased at the scene. His two passengers were treated and released at the scene. The other driver, 18-year-old male from Antioch, was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

It was determined the male driver from Oakley had exited the eastbound Highway 4 offramp at Contra Loma Blvd., failed to stop at the red signal light and broadsided the male driver from Antioch who was travelling southbound on Contra Loma Blvd.

Names of the drivers are being withheld at this time until proper notifications are made to the next of kin.

No further information will be released at this time. This preliminary information is made available by the Traffic Division.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non- emergency line at (925) 778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.

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Police foil burglary of Wells Fargo Bank branch in Antioch early Saturday morning

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Antioch and Pittsburg Police on scene of the burglary at Wells Fargo Bank branch at 18th and A Streets in Antioch early Saturday morning. Photos by APD.

Burglary suspect in the back of an Antioch Police car.

Axe, skeleton mask, and a replica handgun found inside suspect’s car

By Antioch Police Department

As all of our fans already know, we aren’t standing down, and instead are standing UP to all crooks who think they can roll the dice against YOUR POLICE!

Cue last night’s bank bandit – this hapless lawbreaker thought he could smash his way into the Wells Fargo at 18th and A Streets to see what he could get from inside (at 2:43 AM, Saturday morning, according to Chief of Police Tammany Brooks). Our night shift rapid response team raced over and helped him on his way out the door into a set of custom bracelets. These astute officers tracked down his getaway vehicle (which was parked in-front-of the bank with the engine running) and found an axe, skeleton mask, and a replica handgun inside. Look closely at the airsoft gun and tell us whether you could distinguish the difference at night from afar? We were helped by our best buds at Pittsburg PD, who sent us an amazing dog to help clear the bank safely in a search for other bandits (you rock, PPD!).

You may have read our Chief’s message yesterday about the efforts we are taking to KEEP ANTIOCH SAFE. Those efforts include a series of modified responses to certain incidents, and the intent of that is actually two-fold. First, we have to keep ourselves healthy so we can operate at 100%. Did you know we disinfect our mobile offices at the start and end of each shift?! We are loaded up with gloves, hand sanitizers and masks. Our coppers are washing, rinsing and repeating (it says it on the bottle!).

Inside the suspect’s vehicle.

Second, we are doubling-down on providing high-visibility patrol to our town. Don’t be alarmed if you see a black and white patrolling your neighborhood or business with the flood lights on (please from a social distance). Our ultimate goal with all of this is to PROTECT YOU and we hope you notice and feel a little safer while you’re doing your part to stop the virus.

As always, we have your back because you have ours! If you see anything out of the ordinary, give us a shout (not too loud, our ears are sensitive) at (925) 778-2441 or 9-1-1 if you think it’s an emergency.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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Message from Antioch Police Chief Brooks on coronavirus response

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Antioch Police Chief Tammany “T” Brooks. Photo by APD.

All officers reporting for duty are healthy

Message from Chief T. Brooks:

Hey everyone! First and foremost…how about a shout out to our social media team and the amazing way they can tell a story (see last post)! Not only was that some great police work, but the creative storytelling makes it fun to read! I’m so proud of the men and women of this organization!

I hate following up that story with my boring style of writing, and hope I don’t put you to sleep. But I felt this was important.

A lot has changed recently, hasn’t it? The COVID-19 global pandemic has altered our lives in ways none of us have ever experienced – or maybe even imagined. But let me share with you something that has NOT changed…the Antioch Police Department continues to serve you as we always have: with vigilance, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to the safety of our community.

I heard a rumor some believed we reduced our police staffing in response to this outbreak. This is absolutely not true! Currently all of our officers reporting for duty are healthy, and we’d like to keep it that way. We have taken a number of steps in an effort to keep them (and you) safe and reduce the likelihood of contracting and/or spreading this virus. These include (but are not limited to):

– Patrol teams are working separate and independent from one another, eliminating any cross contamination between each shift. This includes the use of the locker rooms prior to and after shifts.
– Investigations staff has been divided into three separate teams working in different work spaces. Again, this is to hopefully eliminate cross contamination between the entire group.
– In person team briefings have been suspended.
– Issuing additional personal protective equipment.
– Made the dispatch center off limits to everyone except dispatchers.
– Handling many non-emergency calls for service via telephone or directing people to file an online report (when possible). YES – we are still responding to emergency, in-progress, and high priority calls!
– Increased sanitation measures taken around the police department. Also requiring officers to sanitize their assigned patrol car prior to and after their shift, as well as after any prisoner transport.

We know many of you are fearful, uncertain, and possibly anxious about the future. It’s natural to have these feelings as long as they don’t become overwhelming. And while fear can be contagious, so can good will and human kindness. It is said “Out of difficulties grow miracles.” The Antioch Police Department is here for you, and I am confident we will get through this together!



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Following chase, crash Antioch Police arrest Oakland man in stolen car early Friday morning

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Scene of car crash following police chase, and suspect in custody early Friday morning. Photos by APD.

Suspect had multiple outstanding warrants

By Antioch Police Department

While our residents were heeding public health warnings to stay at-home, your APD night shift officers were diligently patrolling the town, to make sure things stay safe around here.

After washing his hands thoroughly an alert officer spotted a Toyota stolen from Oakland in the area of Somersville Road and the freeway. The officer tried to halt the driver of the Toyota, but he decided to put the pedal to the metal and lead us on a chase down Buchanan Road. Luckily, the streets have been empty, because our townspeople are fighting back against COVID-19 and staying inside. We chased him for a bit, but decided to pull back and use teamwork to keep a glaring eye on the only vehicle driving around at 1:00 am.

This particularly bad driver, a 28-year-old resident of Oakland, lost control of the vehicle near the Post Office on West Tregallas Road, but quite fortunately, his only victim was a street sign. Instead of calling it quits, he decided to try his luck at a game of cat and mouse by running into an adjacent neighborhood. He sunk to a new low, when he snatched a bicycle belonging to one of our younger residents and tried to pedal away, but a clever officer found the man drenched in sweat with a bad story about how he got there in the first place. Thanks to cooperation from our AWESOME residents (who pulled some video surveillance) we were able to trace this unlucky fella back to the scene of the crime.

As it turns out, the crook had several outstanding warrants for auto theft, in addition to a parole violation for robbery. We had no hard feelings over the matter, and instead provided free shuttle service to the County Jail for one individual who should’ve listened to all warnings to stay at home, and not commit crimes in Antioch!

We know during this difficult time, many of our residents are concerned about what the future might hold. YOUR APD officers are committed to protecting OUR CITY and will do all that it takes to keep YOU SAFE!


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