Pittsburg councilman announces campaign for District 5 County Supervisor

Jelani Killings. Source: Facebook.

District includes northern and western portions of Antioch

Jelani Killings will focus on government accountability, public safety, economic development and homelessness

May challenge six-term incumbent Glover

“The county has to do a better job of partnering with cities.” – Jelani Killings

By Allen D. Payton

In a post on his personal Facebook page on July 20, two-term Pittsburg Councilman and former mayor, Jelani Killings announced his campaign for Contra Costa County Supervisor in District 5 in the March 2024 Primary. He wrote, “I am thrilled to announce that I am running for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5! I look forward to sharing my vision for the County and earning the vote of District 5 residents. See press release for the official announcement and stay tuned for more details about the campaign and how you can get involved! Thank you in advance for the support, prayers, and contributions that will make this campaign a success!”

District 5 includes the northern and western portions of Antioch, the cities of Pittsburg, Hercules, Martinez, Pittsburg and portions of Pinole, and the unincorporated communities of Bay Point, Rodeo, Pacheco, Crockett, Clyde, Port Costa, Alhambra Valley, Briones, Tormey, Mt. View, Vine Hill and Reliez Valley.

Six-term incumbent Federal Glover has not yet announced if he is going to run again in 2024. But that isn’t stopping Killings from jumping in the race.

A July 20th press release about his campaign reads, “A visionary leader for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5: Jelani Killings

Jelani Killings, a dynamic and experienced public servant, announces his candidacy for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5. With a fresh perspective and a passion for addressing the community’s needs, Killings brings the energy and leadership necessary to ignite positive change. With an impressive track record serving on the Pittsburg City Council, Killings is poised to bring his experience, integrity, and forward-thinking approach to the next level.

During his two-term tenure on the Pittsburg City Council, Jelani Killings has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to his community and has proven himself as a leader who thinks critically and acts independently. His passion for serving the people and dedication to government accountability has earned him the trust and respect of his constituents as well as leaders throughout the region.

“District 5 has the potential to be the economic and cultural backbone of Contra Costa County,” said Killings. “I envision a future where our community thrives, and its potential is fully realized. Together, we will build a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”

Killings’ platform is centered around three core pillars: government accountability, public safety and economic development. As a tireless advocate for transparency and responsible governance, he aims to foster an environment of trust and cooperation between the County and its residents.

Regarding public safety, Killings understands that a safe community is the bedrock upon which all other progress is built. He is committed to working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and community leaders to ensure a safer environment for all District 5 residents. 

Furthermore, Killings recognizes the immense potential for economic growth in District 5. With his passion for economic development and a clear vision, he plans to increase support for small businesses, champion additional investments for workforce development, and revitalize local industries, ultimately boosting the county’s economy.

His campaign’s motto, “Vision, Integrity, Accountability,” reflects Killings’ unwavering dedication to serving the people and bringing positive change to Contra Costa County. With his proven leadership qualities and experience, Jelani Killings is undoubtedly the candidate to lead District 5 into a prosperous future.

About Jelani Killings

Jelani Killings is a well-respected public servant, having served on the Pittsburg City Council for the past seven years. He brings a wealth of experience, determination, and fresh ideas to his campaign for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5. Jelani is a champion of government accountability, public safety, and economic development, and he envisions a brighter future for the community he loves.


Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5 map. Source: Contra Costa County

When reached for comment Killings said, “I’m excited. I’m already feeling the heat a little bit. My campaign is not predicated on whether Glover runs for re-election or not. For the past two elections he said it would be his last.”

Killings has worked for the City of Oakland for the past 10 years and currently works for the City’s Public Ethics Commission dealing with campaign finance, government ethics, transparency and lobbyist laws in Oakland. Previously he worked as an Office Manager for H&R Block and a Youth Program Coordinator, STS Academy.

He was first elected to the Pittsburg City Council in 2016 then re-elected in 2020 the year he served has mayor.

His bio on votersedge.org during the 2020 campaign reads, “A Pittsburg native and Pittsburg High School graduate, Mayor Killings has dedicated his life to serving others and giving back to the community that inspired him growing up. He is a proud husband, father, minister, and mentor. He currently serves on the City Council’s Finance, Economic Development, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) committees. Mayor Killings also serves as a city representative to the East Bay League of California Cities, Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), and the 2×2 School District committees.”

On the issues and his major concerns in the supervisor’s race, he shared, “The county has to make some tough decisions in the next few years. There’s going to have to be some cutbacks. Finance has shared that there are issues that will have to be addressed with the budget. Economic development is going to be a focus and public safety is definitely a strong focus.”

“When I talk about accountability, I’m talking about efficiencies and sustainability of the programs the county runs,” Killings continued. “They’re looking at what to do about homelessness. We’ve seen exorbitant amounts of money spent on homelessness over the past decade but statewide, countywide and even in East County the outcomes haven’t been addressing the problems surrounding it.”

“The county has to do a better job of partnering with cities,” he stated. “In Pittsburg we had the county working with the state to take over Motel 6. The City really had no say in the process. Our consolation prize was them giving us two years of a dedicated CORE team in our community.”

“The larger conversation must be about housing itself,” Killings explained. “I’m more of a supply and demand person, when the government is holding the purse for new, affordable housing, then you have local regulations and litigation that’s slowing down the approval process and production overall of new housing.”

The councilman and candidate for supervisor, earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University in 2009 and a Master’s in Public Administration – Public Management and Policy from Cal State East Bay in 2015. He is married with two children, a daughter age 8 and a son, age 5.

Killings said he is in the process of forming a campaign committee and developing a website. For now, for more information or to contact the candidate email killingsforsupervisor2024@gmail.com or visit his official city council Facebook page.

The filing deadline in the race is December 8. If no one wins a majority of the vote in March, the top two candidates will face off in a run-off election in the November General Election.

An effort to reach Glover to determine if he has made a decision about the 2024 election yet, was unsuccessful prior to publication. Please check back later for any updates to this report.

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