Antioch woman arrested for brandishing knife during Oakley middle school argument

By Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard

On August 15, 2023 at approximately 3:25PM the Oakley Police Department was dispatched to Delta Vista Middle School because of two guardians being in a very heated verbal exchange with one another. After de-escalating the dispute one of our officers remained in the area.

Approximately 15 minutes later our officer became aware of another altercation occurring at the school and he was quickly intervening in the situation. Our officer was met by the same people being involved in a heated verbal altercation, but this time other people were yelling somebody was armed with a knife. Our officer called for emergency assistance, which prompted a fairly large police presence at the school. Our officer witnessed an adult female (Yvette Carmilla Brice 61, Antioch), armed with a knife, yelling at other adults. The female who had the knife was clearly angry and she seemed like she was ready to use the knife against the other adults. A gathering of school kids were also present.

Our officers moved in to get everybody separated and ensure the safety of the kids. As our officers took this action Brice moved closer to the people she was angry with and she moved the knife into an even more threatening position. Fearing a deadly situation was about to take place one of our officers drew his handgun and prepared to use it to protect the kids who were nearby. Our officers then forcibly took Brice into custody with nobody being hurt. As our officers were taking Brice into custody several students broke out into mutual combat type fights with each other, even while school staff and our officers were actively trying to keep the peace.

Our officers detained two female juveniles during this incident. The juveniles are aged 13 years old and 15 years old. The juveniles were not armed and were only engaged in mutual combat. The two juveniles were released to a family member and any Delta Vista student will be managed by the school district.

Brice was arrested for bringing a weapon onto school grounds, assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.   

What happened at Delta Vista Middle School is disheartening and unacceptable by all means. I am grateful nobody was hurt in this incident, and I am proud of our officer who had the presence of mind to make sure everything was going to be okay. This situation could have gone horribly wrong. I am thankful it did not turn out that way and I am grateful we had police officers and school staff members intervening and standing in the way of what could have happened. We urge the adults in our society to be good and positive role models. Today so many kids got to see positive role models at work and examples of what not to be.

Brice was booked into jail Tuesday night.

As of Wednesday morning, she had bonded out of custody.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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