Antioch mother, daughter co-authors will read, sign book on potty-training Saturday, Aug. 12

By Allen D. Payton

An Antioch mother and daughter have recently published a book on potty-training and will read from and autograph copies this Saturday, August 12 at Barnes & Noble. Sharifa Akilah Trinay Washington co-authored the book with her only child, four-year-old daughter, Ziana Washington.

“My daughter and I have recently created a fantastic resource for parents who are potty training their children,” Sharifa shared. “Our creation, Potty-Training DayTM, is a beautifully illustrated, 32-page book aimed at children ages 0 to 4 years old. It incorporates fun rhymes, songs, and colorful pictures to not only simplify the potty-training journey but also make it an enjoyable experience for both parents and children.”

The Oakland native self-published the book through her own company, Revision Publishing,

“I felt it was essential for me to share my talents and knowledge with the world,” Sharifah said. “I firmly believe that it is crucial for young children to be exposed to images that reflect their own likeness, and for us to have greater control over our intellectual property.”

“Representation in the toilet training industry is of utmost importance,” she continued. “Interestingly, a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine revealed that African American children tend to start and complete toilet training at least six months earlier than their white counterparts.”

The inspiration for their children’s book came from Sharifa’s personal experiences and challenges while potty training Ziana.

“I wanted to create a book that would keep young children engaged and interested in the process,” Sharifa shared. “I also wanted to publish a book with her. It was the perfect kind of way for teaching her how to be an author as well as potty-training.”

The former teacher and administrator said she “took the leap of faith in June to go into full-time entrepreneurship and become a full-time student.”

The single mom is studying for a doctoral degree in educational leadership at St. Mary’s College.

She started the book publishing company in 2020 and “in 2021 when my daughter was about two, we started the potty-training process.”

“To further expand our reach and cater to a wider audience, due to popular demand, we are in the process of creating a version of the same book specifically designed for boys. This book will provide more representation for black males and dads who are toilet training their sons,” Sharifa stated. “With a background in education, communications, and public relations, I believe I am well-equipped to provide valuable insights on how parents can make potty training a fun and interactive experience.”

Asked if she was excited about publishing the book, Ziana said, “Yes.” Asked what grade in school she’s attending this year the little co-author said, “I’m going to be in TK.”

This is the second book Sharifah has authored. Her first book, entitled Beyond the Hurt, is a fictional novel based in Oakland.

She wants to help other authors self-publish their books, as well.

“Through Revision Publishing, I am building my publishing legacy,” Sharifa explained. “I have a strong passion for helping individuals bring their ideas and stories to life.”.

She is also an education consultant, having co-founded Our Collective Impact, LLC with Dr. Kendra Carr.

“We consult with schools and organizations, including in Pittsburg and Antioch,” Sharifa said. “We work with the Family Justice Center and with Bridge Builders, which are both in Antioch.

Meet the mother-daughter duo at the Antioch Barnes & Noble located in the Slatten Ranch Shopping Center at 5709 Lone Tree Way this Saturday, August 12, 2023, from 2-3 p.m. and listen to Ziana read the majority of their book.

The book is available at the store and on

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