APD UPDATE: Woman who died in Antioch crash, was not pregnant, had restraining order against ex-boyfriend who was driving recklessly

Angela Priscilla Fierro. Courtesy of Fierro-Ruiz family.

Police previously reported unborn baby did not survive; her mother claimed unborn baby was driver’s; says he forced his way into car, wants him arrested, but TRO may not have been served; she leaves behind a one-year old daughter; services scheduled, GoFundMe page set up.

By Allen D. Payton

7/13/23 UPDATE: In response to the questions send to Antioch Police on Monday, July 10, 2023, according to APD Public Information Liaison Sgt. Price Kendall, “the young lady was not pregnant. As for your additional questions, they all pertain to the investigation, which is still ongoing.”

In an earlier report, police claimed the unborn baby did not survive.

Asked if the driver had been arrested and about the restraining order, Kendall said, “No. Orders have to be served. What was going on beforehand (inside Fierro’s vehicle) is part of the investigation. All parties have been contacted in the investigation.”

ORIGINAL STORY: The family of the young, pregnant woman who, along with her unborn baby, died during a crash in Antioch, last Thursday, July 6, 2023, want her estranged, ex-boyfriend who was driving the car, arrested.

Fierro’s friend who was a passenger in the car, sustained a broken arm and leg in the crash and was still in the hospital as of Monday morning, Ruiz shared. Sanchez-Salinas “also went to the hospital with a broken arm but is out and wasn’t arrested,” she said.

According to the Antioch Police, the driver of the other vehicle suffered chest pain and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. (See related article)

“My daughter was in the car with her friend and ex-boyfriend who she had a restraining order against,” Ruiz explained. “They were at a park, and he forced himself into the car and pushed her into the passenger side from the driver’s seat so he could drive the car. The friend said both women started hitting him to try and get him out of the car. He said he wasn’t going to stop until he ran out of gas.”

“That’s why Angela wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She was fighting for her life,” her sister Marisela Madrigal stated.

Asked how they knew that information, Ruiz and Madrigal said they had spoken to the friend who was the other passenger.

Ruiz said she had previously found a tracking device in Fierro’s car which is how they believe Sanchez-Salinas located her.

“Angela told me that she could hear it beeping,” Ruiz stated. That means he was checking for her location.

Fierro’s car was a black Jeep that rolled over onto its top in the collision.

“He caused it for sure. He should have been locked up,” Ruiz stated. “I don’t know why he’s walking around here, free. I have no contact with him.”

A candlelight vigil was held for Fierro and her unborn baby on Friday night, July 7th.

“He had the balls to go to where my daughter’s candlelight vigil was held,” Ruiz exclaimed.

Candles, flowers and a banner from the vigil for Angela Priscilla Fierro and her unborn baby held Friday, July 7, 2023, mark the location near the site of the fatal collision. LLA means “Long Live Angela”. Photo courtesy of Marisal Madrigal.

Sanchez-Salinas showed up after everyone had left and tagged the fence and sidewalk with spray paint next to the display writing, “My ride or die forever – Alex” and “LLA Angie’s World”, meaning Long Live Angie, her family friend, Adrianna Osuna shared.

The family was not happy with Sanchez-Salinas doing that.

“He just won’t stop hurting us,” Madrigal added.

“It’s a disgrace. It’s like he’s saying he got away with what he did,” Ruiz stated. “Basically making fun of us.”

“Taunting the family and not letting them mourn in peace,” said another relative who is helping the family but chose to not be identified.

Asked if she had spoken with the police, Ruiz said, “The police have not spoken to me. They were supposed to call me back yesterday at 12 but never did. They spoke to Angela’s father and told him they can release her body today or tomorrow.”

Fierro, who lived with her mother, had been having problems with Sanchez-Salinas for the past four-to-five months, Ruiz stated.

The relative said Ruiz was instructed by her attorney to get a copy of the incident report of how many times police were called to Ruiz’s and Fierro’s home regarding Sanchez-Salinas “who would just show up there randomly. He went there on July 4th and 5th but had been there previously, too. It was several times, but we won’t know how many until we get the report.” That could take up to 10 days.

The EPO was granted automatically by the court due to the multiple times Sanchez-Salinas had shown up at the home after their relationship ended in mid-May. They had been dating for less than a year.

About Angela

Fierro was born on October 18, 2002, at Kaiser Walnut Creek and was raised in Antioch, her mother shared. She graduated from Prospects High School. Fierro “was 20 years old and worked at Walmart handling the online orders,” Ruiz continued. “She was into old cars, fast cars and fashion. She liked to show she was a princess.”

Asked how far along Fierro was in her pregnancy the mother and grandmother said, “She just told me she was pregnant.”

“She wanted to be a veterinarian and was going to start taking classes and asked if I could watch her baby,” Ruiz shared. Sanchez-Salinas is not the father of Fierro’s one-year old daughter who is “now with her father.”

Private family services have been scheduled and a GoFundMe page has been set up to cover funeral costs and to support her baby, which reads, “Angela was a young and beautiful mother expecting her second child, who was unfortunately pronounced dead on the scene alongside her unborn child after a terrible car accident on July 6th 2023. Angela was a loving mother, daughter, and granddaughter who left an empty space in the hearts of all her family and friends. Please help lay her to rest. Any donation helps and will be appreciated.”

Efforts to reach Sanchez-Salinas and Antioch Police Officer Blumberg who is handling the case were unsuccessful prior to publication time. Questions were emailed to Blumberg Monday afternoon asking about the investigation including if Sanchez-Salinas had been arrested and if not, why due to the violation of the protective order. But no response was received. An effort to reach the friend, whose name is being withheld, by phone was also unsuccessful. Please check back for any updates to this report.

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