Just in time for Independence Day: Contra Costa Assessor certifies, delivers 2023-24 County Assessment Roll for property taxes

Local tax base increases by almost $15 billion, to over $267 billion

Oakley, Antioch, Lafayette had greatest increases, San Pablo, San Ramon, Hercules had lowest

By Allen D. Payton

Just in time for Independence Day, when Americans celebrate our victory over the British in the battle against King George III and his onerous taxes, the “2023-2024 Assessor’s Close of Roll Affidavit” was signed by Assessor Gus S. Kramer and subscribed and sworn to the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office, on June 30. The 2023-2024 Assessment Roll has been delivered to the County Auditor, as required by law.

The increase to the local tax base for 2023-2024 is over $14.96 billion. This represents a 5.94% increase in assessed value and brings the total net local assessment roll to more than $266.67 billion. The 2023-2024 assessment roll is the highest to date in Contra Costa County’s history.

Cities with the largest increases in assessed value include Antioch, Oakley and Lafayette with increases ranging up to 8.49%. San Pablo, San Ramon and Hercules saw the lowest assessed value increases ranging from 4.30% down to 3.86%.  The assessment roll now consists of 379,442 parcels, an increase of 1,202 over the previous year.

“I would like to acknowledge and commend the employees of the Assessor’s Office for their continued dedication and hard work which resulted in the completion and delivery of the 2023-2024 assessment roll,” Kramer wrote in his letter.

The Assessor’s annual letter to the Assessment Roll Reports can be found at: https://www.contracosta.ca.gov/DocumentCenter/View/79697/2023-2024-BOS-Close-of-Assessment-Roll-Letter-and-Reports-to-the-CCC-Board-of-Supervisors?bidId= 

The report shows the total Secured Value of property in the county, which includes all the real estate, is now over $267.6 billion. The Unsecured Value is the business equipment which includes computers, desks, chairs and machinery, Kramer explained. That total is now almost $7.8 billion.

“Local Exemptions (which total almost $8.7 billion) are what churches and non-profits enjoy, as well as all the homeowners’ exemptions. That’s a $7,000 deduction you have to apply for which saves you about $70 a year on your property taxes,” he shared. “That’s something I’m livid with the legislature for not increasing. In Idaho the homeowners’ exemption is 50%. Prior to Prop 13 in California, it was 25% but the legislature has never adjusted it. It should have been indexed or something.”

Asked about the difference between the charts in the report of $1 billion in the total Secured Value Kramer said. “It’s less than one-third of one percent, but we know what it is and we’re working it out. We had to get the report in by the July 1 due date.”

To learn more about your property taxes visit Assessor | Contra Costa County, CA Official Website, call (925) 313-7400 or email customerservice@assr.cccounty.us.

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