Troy Foulger a double winner at Antioch Speedway on Soares Memorial Night

Troy Foulger #49 picked up the big win in the Soares Memorial IMCA Modified race. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Racing resumes Friday and Saturday night with annual Western States Dwarf Car Nationals

By Candice Martin, DCRR Racing Media 

Antioch, CA…June 3…Troy Foulger won the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. The Oakley driver is the current point leader in the Bowers Motorsports entry, and this was his first win of the season. He is also in the hunt for an unprecedented sixth division championship.

Looking for a second-straight win, IMCA National rookie point leader Andrew Pearce of Oakley set the early pace, but a Turn 4 pass on the second lap put Foulger into the lead. Foulger led Pearce through a pair of yellow flags in the first 12 laps as Buddy Kniss of Oakley ran third. Martinez drivers Nick DeCarlo and Anthony Slaney dueled fiercely for the fourth position before Slaney moved ahead. Slaney got around Kniss for third with a Turn 4 pass on Lap 15. Foulger had a good lead on Pearce and picked up the impressive win. Slaney ended up third ahead of DeCarlo and Randy Shafer a Vacaville.

Point leader Troy Foulger #49 won his third IMCA Stock Car Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Later, Foulger came back and won his third 20 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event. Rob Gallaher of San Jose led early with Foulger making an inside pass on Travis Dutra of Concord on Lap 2 to take second. Foulger went low in Turn 4 on the third lap to grab the lead front Gallaher. From there, he pulled away in the non-stop affair to a straightaway advantage. Dutra went inside down the front stretch on Lap 4 to grab second. Gallaher battled with Scott Foster of Oakley for the third spot until Foster took the position on Lap 9. Foulger won ahead of Dutra, Foster, Gallaher and Jason Robles of Rio Vista.

Highly decorated Placerville and Marysville champion Matt Michelli #96 won the Xtreme Late Model Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Live Oak’s Matt Michelli won the 20 lap Xtreme Late Model Main Event. Micheli is a 10-time champion across multiple divisions at tracks in Placerville, Marysville and Chico.

Paul Guglielmoni of Vacaville charged into the lead at the start ahead of Les Friend of Galt. Micheli moved into second on Lap 2 and made a low pass in Turn 2 of the fifth lap to take the lead from Guglielmoni. On the seventh lap, Rod Oliver of Yuba City slipped past Guglielmoni for second, and a yellow flag waved moments later. Micheli continued to lead Oliver on the restart, but reigning  champion Dan Brown Jr of Lincoln made a Turn 2 pass on Lap 12 to take second. Clark Guglielmoni of Vacaville quickly settled into third. Micheli set a good pace In the closing laps and picked up the victory ahead of Brown, Guglielmoni, Oliver and Chester Kniss of Antioch.

Jason Ryan Jr #52 picked up his second IMCA Sport Modified feature to take the point lead. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Jason Ryan Jr of Oakley won the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. This was his second win of the season as moved into the point lead. Ryan bolted into the immediate lead ahead of Jacob Mallet Jr of Oakley and Kelly Campanile of Oakley. Pacheco’s Kenny Shrader slipped past Campanile for third on the sixth lap and set his sights on Ryan and Mallet. Following a yellow flag on Lap 8 for Tyler Browne, Ryan continued to lead Mallet and Shrader on the restart. Ryan ran a smooth race for the remaining distance and collected the victory. Mallet settled for second ahead of Shrader, Campanile and Chuck Golden of Pittsburg.

Dwarf Car star Danny Wagner #11 won the Hobby Stock feature race. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Danny Wagner won the 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. This wrapped up a clean sweep of Dash, heat and and feature race for the Bay Point driver. Wagner is a three-time Dwarf Car champion.

Chris Long of Antioch bolted into the early lead ahead of Colten Haney of Brentwood. Wagner slipped into second on the third lap with Jared Baugh Pittsburgh running in third. Wagner made an inside pass on Lap 6 to take the lead from Long. Baugh gained second on the Lap 7 restart, but he spun in Turn 4 on the 11th lap, collecting Long. Wagner led Les Friend of Galt on the restart, but Friend was involved in a tangle on the 13th lap. At that point, Wagner led Kevin Brown of Oakley and Ken Johns of Antioch. Aidan Ponciano of Oakley moved into third on Lap 16 and dueled Brown over the remaining laps. Wagner went on to victory ahead of Brown, Ponciano, Baugh and Johns.

DJ Saenz #72 won the Mini Late Model Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

DJ Saenz of Manteca won the 15 lap California Sharp Mini Late Model Main Event. This race was scheduled two days prior. Manteca’s Mitch Enos took the early lead over Saenz and Dan Zuger of San Jose. Zuger headed for the infield on the seventh lap, and a Lap 9 pass gained Saenz the lead from Enos. Enos kept it close, but Saenz prevailed in the end. Cayden Foster ended up third with Zuger rounding out the finishing order.

Racing resumes this Friday and Saturday night with the annual Western States Dwarf Car Nationals, hosted by the local Delta Dwarf Car group. Some of the best drivers on the West Coast will be there. On Friday, the Wingless Spec Sprints and IMCA Stock Cars will be competing. Saturday night will also include the IMCA Modifieds, Tri State Pro Stocks and Print Club Mini Stocks. For further information, go to

Antioch Speedway Race Results – June 3, 2023

IMCA Modifieds 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Troy Foulger, Buddy Kniss. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Andrew Pearce, Anthony Slaney, Nick DeCarlo, Randy Shafer, Buddy Kniss, Chris Sieweke, Bobby Motts Jr, Dave Duste Jr, Tim Yeager Jr.

Xtreme Late Models 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Anthony Slaney, Clark Guglielmoni. Main Event (20 laps)-Matt Micheli, Dan Brown Jr, Clark Guglielmoni, Rod Oliver, Chester Kniss, Shawn DeForest, Les Friend, Justin Yeager, Wayne Trimble, Paul Guglielmoni. 

IMCA Sport Modifieds 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Tyler Browne, Kenny Shrader. Main Event (20 laps)-Jason Ryan Jr, Jacob Mallet Jr, Kenny Shrader, Kelly Campanile, Chuck Golden, Trevor Clymens, Joseph Pato, Tyler Browne, Mark Garner, Tommy Clymens Jr.

Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Danny Wagner, Chris Long, Jared Baugh, Colten Haney. B Main (12 laps)-James Thomson, Bobby Gallaher, Michaela Taylor. Main Event (20 lap)- Danny Wagner, Kevin Brown, Aidan Ponciano, Jared Baugh, Ken Johns, James Thomson, Jon Haney, Colten Haney, Jess Paladino, Trevor Clymens.

IMCA Stock Car 

Heat Winner (8 laps)-Troy Foulger. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Travis Dutra, Scott Foster, Rob Gallaher, Jason Robles, Kenneth Robles, Nick DeCarlo DNS.

California Sharp Mini Late Models

Heat Winner (8 laps)-Mitch Enos. Main Event (15 laps)-DJ Saenz, Mitch Enos, Cayden Foster, Dan Zuger.

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