Letter writer says beware shopping at Slatten Ranch


Our “new normal” seems to require acceptance of crime.

California’s Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (prop. 47) served to decriminalize theft below $950 and embolden thieves. 

Politically correct society now pretends: a) criminals don’t exist; b) criminal acts aren’t in fact criminal: or worse, c) criminals are actually victims; and d) unhoused persons don’t commit crime.

Case in point: Slatten Ranch has a large homeless encampment behind the fence near Target. This fence has openings to allow foot traffic. Occasionally the tents get removed, but they always come back.

Target combats theft by storing products in locked cases (inconvenient, much?), but shoppers need to beware, too. Cars should be parked in a visible place with any valuables hidden from view. Cyclists can just expect to have their bikes stolen. There is no real security, just a disclaimer that stores are not responsible for customers’ lost or stolen property.

Certainly, we can choose to avoid shopping at places that become too slum-like, but the real issue is the amount of lawlessness our community accepts.

Who is in charge? How long before people say enough is enough?

Annie Ray


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