Contra Costa Coroner’s Inquest Jury finds Antioch man in jail died of natural causes

By Jimmy Lee, PIO, Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff-Coroner David Livingston announced that a coroner’s jury reached a finding Friday, June 3, 2023 in the January 3, 2023 in-custody death of 31-year-old Brian Love Pence, Jr. of Antioch. The finding of the jury is that the manner of death is natural.

Pence was arrested on December 31, 2022, by Antioch police for misdemeanor spousal battery. Upon entering Intake, he tested positive for COVID and was assigned to a module on quarantine status and housed alone. He was screened by County Health Services and cleared for incarceration by medical and mental health staff.

On Jan. 3, 2023, at approximately 1:22 p.m., deputies conducted a room check and observed no movement from the inmate. Deputies made entry and called for jail medical staff to respond. Life-saving measures were attempted by deputies, medical staff and paramedics. He was later pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no immediate signs of trauma or anything suspicious. (See related article)

The coroner’s jury reached the verdict in the inquest after hearing the testimony of witnesses called by hearing officer Matt Guichard.

A coroner’s inquest, which Sheriff-Coroner David Livingston convenes in fatal incidents involving law enforcement personnel, is a public hearing during which a jury rules on the manner of a person’s death. Jury members can choose from the following four options when making their finding:  Accident, Suicide, Natural Causes or At the hands of another person, other than by accident.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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