Jewish holiday of Shavuot to be celebrated with dairy flair in Brentwood Friday night

Honors the Giving of the 10 Commandments. Cheesecake anyone?

By Mashie Goldschmid, Chabad of the Delta

At a unique crossroads between religion and cuisine, the Holiday of Shavuot, celebrating the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai over 3,300 years ago, has become a celebration of fine dairy cuisine as well. Shavuot is celebrated for two days and this year the holiday celebrated on Friday and Saturday, May 26th and May 27th.

As the Torah was given, and the laws of kosher dining were first received, the Jewish People were not yet capable of properly preparing beef and poultry and as such ate dairy. The rest is history. Exquisite cheesecakes, ravioli, lasagna, Greek salad and of course, cheese blintzes all take center stage during this ancient celebration. Some suggest that this has contributed to the renewed popularity this holiday has seen.

When thinking Jewish Holidays, Passover, Chanukah and Yom Kippur come to mind. Nevertheless, Shavuot is considered one of Judaism’s major holidays and was in fact a “pilgrimage” when all of Israel would travel to Jerusalem to celebrate in the Temple.

“No, it isn’t all about the food,” said Rabbi Peretz Goldshmid of the Chabad Jewish Center. “What is important is that the community is joining together, hearing the Ten Commandments and celebrating the Torah. But the good food certainly helps!”

The Chabad Jewish center welcomes the community to it’s annual Ice Cream Party & Dairy Buffet on Friday May 26th at 5:00 PM.

The Shavuot celebration is free of charge, and all are welcome to join, regardless of Jewish affiliation or background. Special program and prizes for all children. RSVP appreciated or 925-420-4999

What is the holiday of Shavuot?

More than 3,300 years ago, the Jewish people received the Torah from G-d at Mount Sinai. Shavuot literally means “weeks” and marks the completion of the seven-week counting period between Passover and Shavuot. Shavuot customs include all-night Torah study, listening to the recitation of the Ten Commandments, the reading of the Book of Ruth, eating dairy products and adorning the synagogue and home with flowers.

About the Sponsoring Organization:

With unconditional love and acceptance, Chabad of the Delta is dedicated to enhancing Jewish awareness and pride in East Contra Costa.

Chabad offers Jewish education, outreach and social service programming for families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations.

For more information or to RSVP, contact the Chabad at 925.420.4999 or visit online at

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