Rivertown Treasure Chest named 2022 Antioch Small Business of the Year

Owners Deb Blaisure (with plaque) and Toni Lincks (to her right) are joined by Chamber Board Member Michelle Copeland, Supervisor Diane Burgis, Past Chamber Chair Ana Walker and Executive Director Daniel Sohn. Photo by Allen D. Payton

During the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Gala on Friday, March 24, 2023, Executive Director Daniel Sohn read the following about the 2022 Antioch Small Business of the Year:

“Debbie Blaisure and Toni Lincks, owners of Rivertown Treasure Chest (RTC), are true ambassadors of the City of Antioch.  On May 1, 2023, they will celebrate operating a thriving business downtown for more than 9 years.

Regarded as two of the most influential and respected promoters of economic growth and revitalization of the region. They operate a successful vintage and collectible co-op with 13 independent vendors and mentor each of them for increased sales.  Working as a team, RTC is an inviting, relaxed and fun place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather, share a laugh and a cup of coffee.

To name a few, they have sold donated items in the store and given the proceeds to the following organizations: Antioch Woman’s Club, K-911 Rescue, Special Haven, An Elderly Wish Foundation, Antioch Chamber of Commerce Galas and mixer raffles, and any other organizations.

Well done, RTC! We honor you tonight!”

“It’s been 15 years since we started this crazy business,” Blaisure said. “All of our lives we’ve been training for this role. I want to thank the Chamber for the honor. It’s been a long time coming.”

She thanked “my partner, Toni. She’s always in the background. I’m the speaker she’s the worker.” She also Blaisure also thanked 13 vendors whom she referred to as “a cast of characters”.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this more detailed report which first appeared in our April/May print edition.

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