Mary and Bob Franchetto named 2022 Antioch Citizens of the Year for Lifetime Achievement

Mary (with plaque) and Bob Franchetto are joined (L-R) by their daughter, Paula Franchetto-Trotta, Chamber Executive Director Daniel Sohn, Board Member Michelle Copeland, County Supervisor Diane Burgis and Chamber Membership Director Jack Monroe (right) during the annual Gala on Friday, March 24, 2023. Photo by Allen D. Payton

The Antioch Chamber of Commerce shared the following about the 2022 Citizens of the Year for Lifetime Achievement, Mary and Bob Franchetto, who were honored at the annual Gala on Friday night, March 24, 2023.

“Standing beside every active community-involved person is a loving spouse. Mary and Bob Franchetto are a beautiful example of this. Residents of Antioch for years, Cottage Florist was purchased by Bob’s parents in 1947 and Bob and Mary took it over in 1965.  Third generation Paula Franchetto-Trotta now owns and operates the business under their new name Paula’s Family Florist. Paula stated that Bob’s record of volunteering over the years is unbelievable.

We honor them for being such an important part of the Antioch community. If you are lucky, the next time you call to order flowers, you might hear the beautiful voice of Mary Franchetto picking up the phone and asking how she may help you or bump into Bob Franchetto at a meeting of one of Antioch’s important service clubs!

This is our night to express our love and appreciation to you and your family for all your hard work, talent and kindness over the years.”

“Not too long ago, these two individuals financially saved the Antioch Chamber of Commerce,” said Chamber Executive Director Daniel Sohn.

Bob said, “I got Citizen of the Year in 1974. I’ll tell you this is a topper.”

The pair met in 1961.

“We’ve been active in over 13 organizations. We’ve tried to help promote the city through the Antioch Chamber of Commerce,” he stated.

“She’s done more to this city that people really don’t understand,” Bob said about Mary. “We came into Antioch together and the Chamber was having difficulty.”

He obtained a $25,000 loan from a local bank until the City could come through with the funds a few months later. They paid for the meals for the dogs to start the police K-9 program.

Bob introduced his family members including all their grandchildren who were in attendance at the Gala.

Mary said, “I’d like to thank everyone for being here tonight to help us celebrate this award.  It is really an honor and we really, really appreciate it.”

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report which first appeared in the April/May issue of our print edition.

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