Antioch Police sign 30×30 Pledge committing to recruit, advance more women

To reach 30 percent of women in police recruit classes by 2030 to improve public safety, community outcomes, and trust in law enforcement.

By PIO Ashley Crandell, Antioch Police Community Engagement Unit

As Antioch Police Chief Steve Ford committed to doing last week, the Antioch Police Department has signed on to the 30×30 Pledge – a focused effort to improve the representation and experiences of women in law enforcement. The 30×30 Initiative helps policing agencies assess the current state of a department with regard to gender equity, identify factors that may be driving any disparities and develop and implement strategies and solutions to eliminate barriers and advance women in policing.

These actions address recruitment, assessment, hiring, retention, promotion, and agency culture.

The Pledge is the foundational effort of the 30×30 Initiative – a coalition of police leaders, researchers, and professional organizations who have joined together to advance the representation and experiences of women in all ranks of policing across the United States. The 30×30 Initiative is affiliated with the Policing Project at NYU School of Law and the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives (NAWLEE).

The ultimate goal of the 30×30 Initiative is to reach 30 percent of women in police recruit classes by 2030, and to ensure policing agencies are truly representative of the jurisdiction the agency serves. While 30×30 is focused on advancing women in policing, these principles are applicable to all demographic diversity, not just gender.

Steven Ford, Chief of Police: “Throughout the history of law enforcement, women have been under-represented in policing. We are making a commitment to join more than 285 law enforcement agencies across the country in a mission to empower women in policing. Not only does this project move us closer to representing the demographic diversity we serve, but it has been proven that women involved in policing have an immensely positive influence on an organization’s culture. Ultimately, this pledge means that Antioch PD is actively working toward improving the representation and experiences of women in our agency.”

“We are grateful to the Antioch Police Department for being one of the first in the nation to commit to being a part of this growing movement” said Maureen McGough, cofounder of the 30×30 Initiative, Chief of Staff of the Policing Project at the New York University School of Law, and former policing expert at the U.S. Department of Justice. “We believe strongly that advancing women in policing is critical to improving public safety outcomes. We look forward to having more agencies follow Antioch PD’s lead by signing the pledge and improving the representation and experiences of women in policing.”

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Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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