Andreotti opens BCRA Midgets Triple Crown Series with win at Antioch Speedway

Jake Andreotti #00 opened the BCRA Midget Triple Crown series with a $2,000 win. Photo by Katrina Kniss

By Candice Martin, DCRR Racing Media

Antioch, CA…April 8…Jake Andreotti of Castro Valley won the 30 lap BCRA Midgets Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was the 63rd season opening race at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds venue. It was also the opening round of the three-race special BCRA Triple Crown Series at the track, which pays $2,000 to win each race and has a special point fund.

Past USAC Western States Midgets and WMR Midgets champion Blake Bower of Brentwood raced into the early lead ahead of Caden Sarale of Stockton. Andreotti found his way into third by the sixth lap. A Turn 4 pass on Lap 9 gained Sarale the lead. Andreotti motored into second on Lap 11.  Andreotti quickly started to challenge Sarale,, and they caught a slower car on Lap 14. Andreotti went high in Turn 2, while Sarale went low and surrendered the lead. Through a pair of slowdowns during the second half of the race, Andreotti stayed smooth and went on to score the impressive win. Sarale settled for the $1,150 second place finish, followed by Bower, Jake Morgan of Fair Oaks and Bryant Bell of Oakley.

Matt Kile #5 returned to Hobby Stock racing with an impressive feature win. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Matt Kile of San Jose won the 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. Kile charged into the lead at the start ahead of Jared Baugh of Pittsburg. Kile didn’t receive much of a threat in this race, but Baugh, Danny Wagner of Bay Point and Grayson Baca of Brentwood had a spirited battle going for second. Baugh held the spot until being passed by Baca on Lap 11. Wagner quickly moved into third and executed to Turn 2 pass on the last lap for what he thought would be second. However, Baca came back strong and beat Wagner back to the line by inches. Kile cruised to the well-earned victory. Baugh settled for fourth ahead of Kevin Brown of Oakley.

David Michael Rosa #2d won the Delta Dwarf Car season opener. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Antioch’s David Michael Rosa won the 20 lap Delta Dwarf Car Main Event. Several drivers were involved in different mishaps during the first 14 laps that caused five yellow flags. Through it all, reigning Delta Dwarf Car champion Danny Wagner of Bay Point led the way. Dublin’s Devan Kammermann spun out of second on Lap 7, moving Ellie Russo of Bay Point into the position. However, Chance Russell of Antioch gained second a lap later. Rosa slipped past Russell for second on a Lap 14 restart and gained the lead when Wagner slowed on Lap 18 with mechanical issues. Rosa went on to win ahead of Russell, Russo, Travis Day of Concord and Pete Piantanida of Discovery Bay.

Greg Dennett #47 dominated the BCRA Lightning Sprint Main Event. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Greg Dennett of Livermore won the 20 lap BCRA Lightning Sprint Main Event. Scott Kinney led two laps before being passed by Dennett on the back stretch on Lap 3. Dakota Albright of Waterford made a Turn 4 pass on Kinney for second on Lap 5, but Dennett had already built a straightaway advantage by then. Dennett cruised to victory ahead of Albright, Harlee Aguilera of Orangevale, Josef Ferolito of Modesto and Cody Meyer of Placerville.

Joel Hannagan piloted The Junkyard Dog #16 Hardtop to an impressive win. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Joel Hannagan of San Jose won the 15 lap Hardtop Main Event. Ronnie Ruiz of West Sacramento led two laps before Brad Coelho of Oakley got by in Turn 4 for the lead. Hannagan followed closely into second, and Hannagan made a Turn 4 pass a lap later to take the lead from Coelho. As Hannagan pulled away, Coello and Ruiz battled fiercely for second. Ruiz made a Turn 4 pass to gain the spot in Lap 7, only to surrender the position to Coelho with an inside move on the frontstretch on Lap 11. Hannagan went on to victory ahead of Coelho, Ruiz, Joe Shenefield of Antioch and Ken Clifford of Placerville.

Dana Gardner #37 remained hot with his Print Club Mini Stock feature win. Photo by Katrina Kniss

After a strong postseason effort last year, San Bruno’s Dana Gardner resumed his impressive efforts with a 20 lap Print Club Mini Stock Main Event win.  Gardner led from the outside with Eddie Humphrey III of Torrance an early second. Humphrey held the position until a Lap 9 yellow flag. Humphrey pitted, and Gardner resumed command ahead of reigning champion Tom Brown of Santa Rosa and Tony Quinonez of Corning. As Gardner sped to the impressive win by a wide margin, Brown managed to hold off Quinonez in a close battle for second. Newcomer Max Finley of Santa Rosa wheeled his Ford Pinto Wagon to a fourth place finish ahead Don Abitz of Pittsburg.

At the opening ceremonies, several drivers came out to do a memorial lap for BCRA Hall of Fame member Jim Screeton, who died in a motorcycle accident back in March. Racing continues next weekend with the Hunt Wingless Spec Sprint Tour, the IMCA Sport Modifieds and 600 Micro Sprints competing. For further information, go to

Unofficial Race Results – April 8, 2023

BCRA Midgets 

FT-Jake Andreotti 14.312. Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jake Andreotti, Jake Morgan, Bryant Bell. Main Event (30 laps)-Jake Andreotti, Caden Sarale, Blake Bower, Jake Morgan, Bryant Bell, Michael Snider, Sage Bordeneve, Logan Mitchell, Danika Jo Parker, Kevin Box.

Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jared Baugh, Danny Wagner, Matt Kile. Main Event (20 laps)-Matt Kile, Grayson Baca, Danny Wagner, Jared Baugh, Kevin Brown, Ken Johns, Colten Haney, Michaela Taylor, James Graessle, Aidan Ponciano.

BCRA Lightning Sprints 

FT Greg Dennett 13.852. Heat Winners (8 laps)-Greg Dennett, Dakota Albright. Main Event-Greg Dennett, Dakota Albright, Harlee Aguilera, Joseph Ferolito, Cody Meyer, Scott Kinney, Hunter Kinney. Daniel Caughran DNS.

Delta Dwarf Cars 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-David Michael Rosa, Danny Wagner. Main Event (20 laps)-David Michael Rosa, Chance Russell, Ellie Russo, Travis Day, Pete Piantanida, David Rosa, Joe LeDuc, Danny Wagner, Devan Kammermann, Bobby Motts Jr DNS.

Print Club Mini Stocks 

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Dana Gardner, Eddie Humphrey III. Main Event (20 laps)-Dana Gardner, Tom Brown, Tony Quinonez, Max Finley, Don Abitz, Cody Bolles, Eddie Humphrey III, Laina Bales, David Carson, Roberto Monroy DNS.


Heat Winner (6 laps)-Joel Hannagan. Main Event (15 laps)-Joel Hannagan, Brad Coelho, Ronnie Ruiz, Joe Shenefield, Ken Clifford.

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