Celebrate Antioch Foundation honored by California Park & Recreation Society

Celebrate Antioch Foundation Vice President Mike Gabrielson and President Joy Motts with the award plaque presented to them on Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Source: Joy Motts.

Named 2022 District 3 Outstanding Non-Profit Organization Partner in Parks & Recreation

By Allen D. Payton

The Celebrate Antioch Foundation (CAF) has been named the 2022 California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) District 3 Outstanding Non-Profit Organization Partner in Parks & Recreation. During the CPRS District 3 Awards & Installation Luncheon on Wednesday, March 8 at the Marina Community Center in San Leandro, CAF leaders, President Joy Motts and Vice President Michael Gabrielson, were presented with the award plaque. CAF Secretary Tammy Larsen was unable to attend the event as she was traveling out of town.

The luncheon was held to honor, “Outstanding Programs, Events, Professionals, Volunteers, and Non-Profit Partners”. The plaque reads, “In Grateful Recognition and Significant Contributions Toward the Spirit of Parks Make Life Better and the Mission of Parks and Recreation.”

On one of Motts’ Facebook pages she posted Thursday, “We are so honored to have our Celebrate Antioch Foundation chosen as the 2022 California Parks and Recreation District 3 Non-Profit of the Year! Chosen for our 10+ years of bringing quality events to our community and our work and partnership with the City of Antioch Park and Rec in organizing Antioch’s 150th Sesquicentennial celebration.”

CAF was nominated for the award by the Antioch Parks and Recreation Department and Director Brad Helfenberger informed Motts last week they had been chosen for the honor.

Motts and Gabrielson with plaque and CPRS District 3 President Nicole Espinoza Roa (left) and the organization’s District 3 incoming president, Jennifer Gault (right). Source: Joy Motts

According to their website, the “Society’s mission is to advance the park and recreation profession through education, networking, resources and advocacy. CPRS members are united in their commitment to improving people’s lives. This networking happens across disciplines and agency boundaries to achieve together what we cannot do alone. CPRS strives to educate policy makers so that they vote with the premise that parks and recreation is an essential community service.

Founded in 1946, CPRS is a nonprofit, professional and public interest organization with over 4,000 members who are central to why Parks Make Life Better!

CPRS membership is well-distributed, with 86 percent of park and recreation agencies in California boasting at least one CPRS individual member. CPRS also has local, national and international company members that provide solutions to help our members work smarter and faster.”


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