Incumbent Rocha has fundraising lead over King in Antioch School Board Area 5 race

Incumbent trustee Mary Rocha faces newcomer Dominique King is this year’s Antioch School Board Area 5 race.

Challenger gets over half her contributions with maximum $4,900 boost from Thorpe’s anti-recall committee

Rocha mainly backed by teachers, other unions

By Tamara L Seward & Allen D. Payton

In the race for Antioch School Board Area 5, Trustee Mary Rocha leads in fundraising with $19,159 in contributions over challenger Dominique King whose reports show a total of $11,095.02 raised including loans from herself of $2,759. Those figures are according to their Form 460’s as of close of reporting on Oct. 22 and Form 497 late contribution reports as of Nov. 2. King raised most of her funds inside Antioch. While Rocha spent almost twice as much as King during the reporting period, the challenger shopped local with most of her expenditures made inside the city.

While individuals and other political committees can contribute a maximum of $4,900 political action committees can contribute more. Campaigns must report the details for any amount of $100 more in contributions or expenditures.

Rocha Mainly Backed by Teachers, Other Unions

For her re-election campaign Rocha started with $119.74 from her previous run in 2018 which gave her a total of $19,278.74 to spend. MRocha ASB 2018 460 0701-092422   MRocha ASB 2022 460 0925-102222   MRocha ASB 2022 497 102622   MRocha ASB 2022 497 110222

Several unions contributed to Rocha’s campaign with $6,000 from the Antioch Education Association Political Action Committee, the local teacher’s union PAC, $4,900 from Dignity CA SEIU Local 2015, $1,500 from the I.B.E.W Local Union 302, $1,000 each from Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local #104 Political Action Committee and the Operating Engineers Local Union #3 Alameda, Ca. Code: OTH and $500 each from the Laborers International Union of North America Local #324-AFL-CIO and Plumbing Industry Consumer Protection Fund United Association Local #159.

Rocha’s latest Form 460 report includes two mistakes showing the $1,500 from I.B.E.W. listed three times resulting in an overstatement of her contributions received by $3,000. Her grandson, Ruben Rocha serves as her treasurer and son, Louie is assisting on her campaign. Louie said Ruben corrected the report as of Sunday evening, Nov. 6.

In addition, the incumbent received $1,000 each from LE03-Awin Management Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona which is a subsidiary of Republic Services, the garbage company that serves Antioch.

Her only reportable individual contributions from outside Antioch totaling $1,100 were $1,000 from former Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando of Brentwood and $100 from Deputy D.A. Mary Knox of Walnut Creek.

Rocha received $425 in contributions of $100 or more from Antioch sources including $325 from her son Louie and $100 from former Antioch Councilman Ralph Hernandez. The incumbent also received a total of $1,134.00 in contributions of less than $100.

Rocha’s expenditures which total $11,471.91 were mostly spent outside of Antioch. They include $5,625 to Mesa Outdoor of Danville for Highway 4 digital billboard ads, $4,521.92 paid to JB Services of Martinez for mailers and $485.34 to My Legacy Matters, Inc. of Vallejo for lawn signs.

She only spent $615 inside Antioch with $500 paid to the Antioch Historical Society for a fundraising event and $115 to the Antioch Herald for advertising.

Rocha’s latest Form 460 report shows an ending cash balance of $4,906.83 which was overstated by $3,000 and she had an outstanding debt of $1,875 owed to Mesa Outdoor. With the additional $5,900 in additional contributions reported on two Form 497’s on Oct. 26 and Nov. 2, that leaves her with $5,931.82 to spend during the final week of the campaign.

King Mainly Backed by Thorpe, Antioch Residents

King raised $8,336.02 in contributions with over half from Mayor Lamar Thorpe and the majority from three Antioch politicians. The mayor contributed the maximum of $4,900 from his Stop the #Karen Recall of Mayor Thorpe 2022 campaign committee.  DKing ASB 2022 460 0101-092422   DKing ASB 2022 460 0925-102222   DKing ASB 2022 497 101822

King received the majority of her individual contributions of over $100 from Antioch totaling $1,778.79. They include $515.88 from Daniel Hernandez, $309.43 from Beatriz Hernandez, $300 from David Asfall, $250 from Antioch School Board Area 1 Trustee Antonio Hernandez and $100 each from four individuals including District 1 Antioch City Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker.

Her individual contributions of over $100 from outside of Antioch totaled $1,203.48. The largest was $500 received from political campaign consultant Melody Weintraub of Lafayette, followed by $300 from Larhonda Crosby-Johnson of San Leandro, plus $303.48 from three individuals in Pittsburg, Berkeley and Vallejo.

She also received a total of $353.75 in contributions of less than $100.

King had only spent $5,099.27 as of Oct. 22. She shopped local with the majority of her expenditures over $100 inside Antioch totaling $3,024.13. They include $819.29 at La Plazuela restaurant for a fundraiser, $795.95 with Crystal Clear Logos, $756.79 with FastSigns and $506 paid to Vincent Cecilio for professional services.

The challenger also spent a total of $1,874 outside of Antioch including $1,059 at Copyworld Inc. in Berkeley and $715 on slate mailers.

King ended the period with $5,995.75 cash on hand and $2,759 in outstanding debt for the loans, giving her campaign a net $3,236.75 left to spend during the remainder of the campaign, unless she doesn’t repay herself. If not, whatever amount King doesn’t repay becomes a contribution.

The election is Tuesday.

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DKing ASB 2022 497 101822
DKing ASB 2022 497 101822

DKing ASB 2022 460 0925-102222
DKing ASB 2022 460 0925-102222

DKing ASB 2022 460 0101-092422
DKing ASB 2022 460 0101-092422

MRocha ASB 2022 497 102622
MRocha ASB 2022 497 102622

MRocha ASB 2022 497 110222
MRocha ASB 2022 497 110222

MRocha ASB 2022 460 0925-102222
MRocha ASB 2022 460 0925-102222

MRocha ASB 2018 460 0701-092422
MRocha ASB 2018 460 0701-092422

Mary Rocha & Dominique King

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