Season preview Q&A: Deer Valley Wolverines, Antioch Panthers varsity football

The DVHS Wolverines offensive line and the AHS Panthers aka Yoc Boys during practice in preparation for the season. Photos by Jason Metz.

Kicks off tonight! “Yoc Boys” get new head coach

By Jason Metz

The 2022-23 high school football season for both the Deer Valley Wolverines and Antioch Panthers kicks off, tonight, August 26, 2022. Deer Valley will face the Northgate Broncos in Walnut Creek and Antioch travels to Danville to face the Monte Vista Mustangs. Both games begin at 7 p.m. The two teams’ first league game will be the crosstown Mayor’s Cup class at Wolverines Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 29.


Coach Matt Mills

Q. So, how long have you been coaching?

A. Six years of high school football.

Q. Which coaches were your greatest influence?

A. John Wooden and Bob Ladouceur – former De La Salle head coach.

Q. Who is your star player?

A. Ayanfe “Ace” Adediran, Jr., the team’s quarterback.

Q. And what is your expectation for this year?

A. Be disciplined and physical.

Q. What does the rivalry with Antioch mean to you?

A. The very battle for the city!

Deer Valley Wolverines QB Ayanfe “Ace” Adediran with Head Coach Matt Mills.

Quarterback Ayanfe Adediran, Jr.

Q. Why do you want to be a quarterback?

A. I feel like I’m good enough to be a leader for our team and you push yourself on and off the field.

Q. Who is your quarterback inspiration?

A. Michael Vick.

Q. And what is your aspiration in life and in general what do you want to be when you get older?

A. I want to be successful in this world.

Q. What’s the rivalry with Antioch like to you?

A. It means a lot to me. I want to make sure we bring the trophy home to Deer Valley.

See the entire team roster.


Coach Brett Dudley

Q. How long have you been coaching?

A. I have been coaching for 17 years. This is my 13th year at Antioch, first year as head coach.

Q. What are your expectations for this year?

A. I think we will be a competitive and physical football team.

Q. Who is your coaching inspiration?

A. His coach he had in high school inspired him.

Q. Who’s your star player?

A. Isaiah Pino

Q. What is your rivalry with Deer Valley like?

A. It’s good. The kids are really into it and they when to middle school with their players.

Q. What is your rivalry with Pittsburg like?

A. Big time. Very intense. The big difference is that for the adults, Pittsburg is more their rival.

Antioch Panthers star player Isaiah Pino with first year Head Coach Brett Dudley.

Isaiah Pino

Q. What position do you play and why?

A. Tight end and defensive end. I like the position because I like to hit people, he said with a laugh.

Q. Who is your inspirational player?

A. Patrick Willis, for his toughness and his leadership

Q. What are your expectations and what do you want to be when you grow older?

A. A fighter and an electrician.

Q. What’s the rivalry like with Deer Valley?

A. It’s a fun time going against kids you know.

Q. What’s the rivalry with Pitt, like?

A. It goes back for a while. Very competitive.

See the entire team roster.

Season Schedules

DVHS Wolverines

8/26 7:00p @ Northgate (Walnut Creek)
9/3 1:00p @ Saint Mary’s (Albany)
9/9 7:00p @ Kennedy (Fremont)
9/17 2:00p @ Balboa (San Francisco)
9/23 7:00p Dougherty Valley (San Ramon) Location: Deer Valley High
9/29 7:00p Antioch Location: Deer Valley High
10/14 7:00p Pittsburg Location: Deer Valley High
10/20 7:00p @ Heritage (Brentwood)
10/28 7:00p @ Liberty (Brentwood)
11/4 7:00p Freedom (Oakley) Location: Deer Valley High

AHS Panthers

8/26 7:00p @ Monte Vista (Danville) Game Details: TV Ch 32 Comcast Ch 99 AT&T Co Co County
9/2 7:00p Vintage (Napa) Location: Antioch High
9/9 7:00p Rocklin (Rocklin) Location: Antioch High
9/16 7:00p California (San Ramon) Location: Antioch High
9/23 7:00p Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) Location: Antioch High
9/29 7:00p @ Deer Valley
10/14 7:00p Heritage (Brentwood) Location: Antioch High
10/21 7:00p Liberty (Brentwood) Location: Antioch High
10/28 7:00p @ Freedom (Oakley)
11/4 7:00p Pittsburg – 104th Big Little Game – Location: Antioch High

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.



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