Lt. Tarra Mendes retires after 29 years with the Antioch Police force

Photos by APD

Antioch Police Lt. Tarra Mendes. Source: APD

By Antioch Police Department

Please join us in celebrating the distinguished career of Lieutenant Tarra Mendes as she rides off into the sunset to enjoy her retirement. Returning to the beginning, Lieutenant Mendes started her law enforcement career with the Antioch Police Department as a Reserve Police Officer in 1993. Then, through hard work and an impeccable work ethic, Lieutenant Mendes was hired as a Community Services Officer in January of 1995.

After being hired as a full-time sworn officer in May of 1997, Lieutenant Mendes’ list of accomplishments was genuinely outstanding. During her tenure, she served in the following assignments: patrol officer, Problem Oriented Policing Officer (POP), bike officer, property and person crimes investigator, weaponless defense/baton instructor, jail operations instructor, hostage negotiator, training manager, background investigator, internal affairs investigator, recruiter, social media manager, and PD events. Not to mention her ascension through the ranks up to Lieutenant!

Even with that impressive resume, one of Lieutenant Mendes’ most outstanding achievements is that she was a part of the hiring of well over 100 past and present employees of the Antioch Police Department over the last 16-plus years.

Last but certainly not least, Lieutenant Mendes, alongside Ana Cortez and Samantha Peterson, created and ran the police department’s Holiday Giveaway, Halloween Event, and Easter Egg Hunt. A lot of hard work goes into these events, and the joy had by the community will always be one of the highlights of Lieutenant Mendes’ career.

THANK YOU, LIEUTENANT MENDES; you will be missed. Thank you for your service to the city and citizens of Antioch! On behalf of your family at the PD, please enjoy your retirement.

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