Delta Veterans Group presents Music Heals Concert at El Campanil Theatre July 9

Short documentary about the effort by Joey Travolta and crew will be shown



Join us for an afternoon of fantastic bands, all to support our veterans!

Organizers Darlyn Phillips and Tony Archimedes shared the following about the concert:

“For many years musicians have been coming to support the Stand Down on the Delta for homeless veterans. They come without pay from 10 AM in the morning to 10 PM at night. We are sure that they love doing the music as a labor of love type of thing, but we felt that the musicians themselves really needed to be recognized.

About a year ago we met Joey Travolta, John’s brother, who is a film director and teaches film producing and acting to under privileged people with autism. We told him about the Stand Down and the musicians and he agreed to do a documentary on it. (See related article)

On July 9, we will be featuring some of the musicians who play at the Stand Downs, as well as showing the short documentary. Three bands will take the stage and play from 2 to 4 PM, alternately. This is sort of a stepping off point that brings awareness about a program we are going to be spearheading called Music Heals.

Please pass the word on and it would be great to see you there!!! Take care and keep the music alive! Our band is The Groove Room.”


The Illusions came together as young men of this area at the age of 14 or 15 years old. The boys grew up together and played until they were in their late teens when life would take them down a different path. The young men entered the military–one went into the US Army and would later receive orders and serve time as a combat veteran. Joe Martinez saw combat and served his time in Vietnam. Richard Rivas, the group’s band leader and drummer, was drafted into the US Army. Richard Rivas has many interesting stories to tell. Richard leads the group into many R&B Classics and is a huge hit on the dance floor. Tony Archimedes joined the US Marine Corp to protect his country and to serve in Viet Nam, but instead was sent to Pearl Harbor, HI to play in the Marine Band. Each time he requested to go to Vietnam, Tony was told he was needed in the band. His entire unit who were sent to Vietnam were killed. He will always remember his men. Tony plays many instruments and has taught hundreds of young musicians in the Bay area, many of them going on to receive awards and scholarships. Mitch McCarrie served his time in the US Naval Reserves in Alameda on the Flight Line and continues to enjoy playing for his fellow veterans. Mitch plays a mean guitar.

The Groove Room Band specializes in jazz and crossover tunes and Bossa Nova, although they play a variety of genres. The band features Tony Archimedes on keys, and Bay Area bassist Michael Fourie with his unusual and killer electric bass. Originally from Canada, Michael continues to perform for the troops at the Stand Down on the Delta and a variety of other events as well as Bay Area wide in a variety of venues. The trumpet player for the Groove Room, Walter Barr directed for Dizzy Gillespie and many other legends. The drummer, Brett King Cosby, is well-known and has played for many top bands across the country. Darlyn Phillips is the band’s leader and lead singer.

Areas of Santana features guitarist Ray Cepeda. He has recorded with many Bay Area artists and more, and has recently recorded with Chepito Areas. The two travel throughout the U.S. bringing awareness and inspiration to audiences throughout. Chepito, legacy of the Santana Band, is a motivator not only in the energy and vibe of his music but in the passion of his art and love of life. Cepeda is an educator teaching mostly Spanish, electronics and music for the ROP classes in the Eden area of Hayward.

Phillips initiated the documentary which was produced by Joey Travolta. The ‘Music Heals’ documentary, of the Music Heals Program for DVG’s Stand Down on the Delta for Homeless Veterans, features many of the veterans who come to the Stand Downs to play for their fellow veterans. The program was started by Phillips to promote awareness and support for veterans coming back into their musical arenas after injury or trauma and to inspire, to encourage playing, to regain lost skills, or develop new ones.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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