Ordained Baptist minister, DA Becton rallies for abortion rights, touts Planned Parenthood endorsement

Becton speaking at pro-Roe v Wade rally on the county courthouse steps on Saturday, May 14, 2022. Source: Becton’s campaign Facebook page.

County school board member Avila Farias calls Herald readers “white supremacist cult followers”

By Allen D. Payton

DA Becton with Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan and two other attendees at the May 14 rally. Source: Becton campaign Facebook page.

District Attorney Diana Becton spoke at a rally on the county courthouse steps on last week in support of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortions nationwide and touted her endorsement by Planned Parenthood.

In a post on her campaign Facebook page that day Becton wrote, “It was an honor to speak at the rally to kick off the day. Access to safe abortions is a public safety issue. I will always, proudly, stand by our right to privacy and our right to choose!

This morning we gathered at the Martinez Courthouse steps to rally in support of Roe vs Wade. Over 100 Contra Costan’s rallied and then got on buses to go rally in Sacramento or walk out neighborhoods in support of pro-choice candidates.

Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan said it best today, if we are going to protect our right to choose we have to elect pro choice candidates up and down the ballot. I’m proud to be the only candidate running for Contra Costa District Attorney that is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.”

Becton, an ordained Baptist minister who preaches in her and her husband’s church and has the title of “reverend”, was asked the following questions about her position on abortion and endorsement by Planned Parenthood:

“As a Baptist minister, someone who claims to be a Christian and as an African American how can you support abortion and Planned Parenthood, which was both founded in racist eugenics and continues to target Black and Hispanic communities, today by locating most of their facilities in their neighborhoods and aborting more of their unborn babies combined, than white babies, following the original mission of Margaret Sanger to keep their populations down? Why would you want the endorsement of an organization like that?”

In addition, she was asked, “how can you justify your position with what is written in the Bible in both Jeremiah 1, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart’ and in Psalm 139, ‘For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb’?”

Instead of responding to the emailed questions, on Friday, May 20, Becton posted the following on her campaign’s Facebook page and Twitter feed:

“In the spirit of transparency, I am sharing the questions I received today from the so-called ‘press’ outlet @antiochheraldca & @cocoherald.

For the record, I’m proud to be the ONLY candidate running for Contra Costa District Attorney that is endorsed by @PPact.

A woman’s right to choose is fundamental. It is non negotiable. A woman’s power — her constitutional right to make choices about her personal health care —  is a matter of public safety every day and every hour, and it must be protected. #BansOffOurBodies”.

Anamarie Avila Farias’ comment on Becton’s campaign Facebook page.

County School Board Trustee Avila Farias calls Herald readers “white supremacist cult followers”

In a comment beneath the post on Becton’s campaign Facebook page, Contra Costa County Board of Education Trustee for Area 3, Anamarie Avila Farias

She wrote, “Pro Choice -Catholic Mexican Mama here, the hope I have for my daughter, and all of our children, is that they grow up with the freedom to determine their own course in life and that starts with their own reproductive freedom. Thank you DA Becton of occupying various spaces of justice!”

Avila Farias then took a nasty, baseless swipe at this reporter and the readers of the Herald writing, “Allen Payton and all his white supremacist cult followers spew nothing but discrimination, machismo, and cultural stereotypes which are largely responsible for the barriers Latinas and people of color face in accessing proper healthcare, especially around reproductive rights.

We all know what to do Co Co County – Re- Elect Diana Becton! The Prosecutor office must reflect the communities they serve and the changing demographics!”

The election is June 7 in which Becton is facing a challenge from Deputy District Attorney Mary Knox.

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