Thieves use ATV in attempt to steal ATM at Delta Schools credit union in Antioch Sunday morning

Damage to the ATM at Antioch Schools Federal Credit Union branch on Lone Tree Way caused by thieves early Sunday morning, April 17, 2022. Photos: ASFCU

Broke into branch; CEO provides details; over $100,000 in damage to just front of the building; attempt at Bank of America branch on Lone Tree Way Sunday morning may be related

A repair crew works to cover the damage to the front of the credit union branch Sunday morning.

By Allen D. Payton

In a post on their Facebook page on Sunday, April 17, Delta Schools Federal Credit Union announced the attempted theft of the ATM at their Lone Tree Way branch, earlier that morning.

“Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. This happened this morning at 4 AM. So before you head over to use the ATM just wanted you to know Antioch’s finest decided to try and steal the ATM. They were not able to get anything just destroyed the front of the building and ATM. A huge thank you to Adam Wetzel from Next Level Solutions for answering the call at 6 AM and getting a crew out to shore up and secure the building. Give him a call 925-457-4966 for your construction needs. Twice he has come out and helped us in an emergency. Be safe out there. Thank you to Freedom Alarm for getting the police dispatched and out the office.”

When reached for comment Rob Greaff, CEO and President of the credit union said, “It was a comedy of errors watching it on the video. They almost ran over one of the guys three times.” “They were using a Gator-type recreational vehicle using a chain,” he continued. “It was a four-seater with a utility bed on the back. They had been planning this. They had chains, crowbars and even an extra gas can.”

The thieves also broke into the branch and caused more damage with a crowbar.

“They tried to get behind the teller window. But that’s bullet-resistant glass so it didn’t shatter. Then they left,” Greaff stated. “I’m downloading the surveillance camera videos and sharing them with Brentwood and Antioch Police.”

“I got the call about 4:10 AM,” he said. “The cameras showed they started in about 4:02 AM and made several attempts before finally breaching and causing the motion detector to set it off.”

“The B of A in Brentwood on Lone Tree was also hit Sunday morning, by the Carl’s Jr. at Shady Willow Lane,” he shared. “The police officers from Brentwood are waiting for photos from that incident to compare. The officer who showed up at our place said someone saw it flying down Lone Tree and that he was going to check the homeless encampments.”

“All they did was damage the entire front of the building after four attempts, and then damaged the inside and left us with a blood sample,” Greaff continued. “They cut themselves on something.”

“I was lucky to get someone to come out on an Easter Sunday morning. Otherwise, I would have had to stay here all day and night long,” he shared. “The good part is everyone is safe. Everything can be fixed and replaced. But a lot of damage. I don’t know the dollar amount. The gentleman who came out, who was only looking at the outside, said we’re looking at a minimum of $100,000 in physical damage. But that doesn’t include damage inside.”

The complete damage amount won’t be known until all the subcontractors provide him estimates.

“It makes you feel violated that someone can come in and do this and we know there hasn’t been any support to prosecute in the past,” Greaff added. “We don’t know if it will change. But if they aren’t dealt with, they’ll just keep doing the same.”

The credit union serves the financial needs of current and retired teachers and staff of Antioch and East County schools and any resident in the entire community.

“Any local resident can come in and open an account,” he shared.

The credit union has two branches located at 5123 Lone Tree Way in the Venture Commerce Center and at 701 W. 18th Street across from Antioch High School and both are open.

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