Antioch Council approves new 126-unit high-density multifamily rental housing project on Wildhorse Road

Rendering of the approved 126-unit Wildhorse Multifamily Housing Project.

By Allen Payton

During a public hearing on a new multi-family project off the extension of Wildhorse Road, Tuesday night, the Antioch City Council voted 4-0 to increase the density on 11.72 acres to allow for 126 units of market-rate rental housing. The project could later be converted to condominiums for sale.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe had to recuse himself due to the proximity to his home, that could impact its value.

The complex will be the first market-rate, multi-family housing project since the Cross Pointe Apartments were built on Lone Tree Way between Vista Grande Drive and Heidorn Ranch Road.

The Preliminary Plan for the approved Wildhorse Multifamily Housing Project.

One member of the public spoke, complaining that the City doesn’t have enough affordable housing.

“We do not require our developers to pay in-lieu fees, so we can provide affordable housing,” Andrew Becker said. “We keep hearing ‘it’s too late’. But we still have huge projects like this, multi-million-dollar projects come in.”

The project proponent then had 10 minutes to speak but only spoke briefly.

“My family has owned the properties since the late ‘80’s,” Phillip Su said. “This is part of the Nelson Ranch project that was approved.”

There was no opponent to speak against the project. But another member of the public spoke, agreeing with the first speaker.

“How many units are going to be for low-income families to purchase a home? How many units will be rental? I have to agree with the very first person that this has gotten out of hand that we’re allowing developers to build multi-million-dollar homes,” she said. “I’m just concerned that we’re trying to have Antioch be a family city, up and coming. But we have developers coming in here trying to make money and not concerned about the impact. This could draw the criminal activity. The ones who can afford the high rents, here…those are the criminal elements. You know, we have an unhoused problem here, in this county. We have families who are renting and working legitimate jobs and want to buy a home. What we’re looking for is the dollars and cents. What positive impacts is it going to have on the lower income, the working class. What kind of impact will it have on us?”

The site map for the approved Wildhorse Multifamily Housing Project, next to Highway 4.

Ogorchock asked about a CFD (Community Facilities District) for fire.

“It is my desire to have a CFD,” she said.

“The project is conditioned to meet all fire requirements,” said Senior Planner Zoe Meredith.

“Also, I saw that there’s a park in there and I have concerns that it’s not an all-abilities park,” Ogorchock said.

“Even though it will be a private park it will be built to city standards,” Community Development Director Forrest Ebbs responded.

Ogorchock also asked for speed humps to prevent sideshows and added them, and the all-abilities park to her motion for approval.

“How did we come to the decision of condos, instead of townhomes?” District 4 Councilwoman Monica Wilson asked.

“They don’t have a map for condos. It’s being proposed as a multi-family rental project,” Ebbs responded.

But they can come back and place a condo map on the project in the future and convert the rentals to

“This is a challenging site. This density is comparable to other projects in Antioch. We don’t see much more dense than this,” Ebbs said.

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