Man swinging knife in Antioch Target parking lot arrested with help of K9 Friday night

Suspect on gurney with Antioch Police officers and Con Fire paramedics in the target parking lot Friday night, Oct. 22, 2021. Photos: APD

Suspect’s knife he was brandishing.


By Antioch Police Department

Shortly after 9 pm, APD Officers were sent to the Target parking lot on report of an individual in crisis swinging a knife around in the parking lot. Officers Lassas, Lundin, Novello, Bushby, and Canine Nox responded to the scene. Upon arrival, they encountered a man armed with a steak knife who urged officers to shoot him. These fine officers used time, distance, and de-escalation/crisis intervention techniques to successfully talk him down. He was safely detained without injuries to himself, bystanders, or the officers. The man in crisis will be sent for an emergency psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital.

Ambulance that transported the suspect to an area hospital.

APD officers receive extensive and ongoing crisis intervention training and are also equipped with the latest less-lethal tools thanks to a community that supports us.


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Ambulance 10-22-21 APD

Suspect’s knife 10-22-21 APD

Suspect on gurney 10-22-21 APD

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