Kiwanis Club honors Antioch resident Bob Butler for volunteer work during COVID

Presented with the Community Service Award

Kiwanis of the Delta-Antioch Club President Clyde Lewis and Bob Butler with Community Service Award plaque. Photo: Deborah Hicks

By Kiwanis Club of the Delta

People become Kiwanians to connect with the over 600,000 volunteers worldwide dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. This mission is accomplished through activities, programs, and care from our members to the communities they serve.

On March 19, 2020, the world shut down in response to COVID-19. The decision to shut down California (and much of the world) came as the number of cases of people infected with COVID-19 increased, dramatically. Businesses shuttered, schools closed, and panic set in, as nobody knew what would happen.

One community member stood tall and put his life at risk to serve others. Antioch resident Bob Butler took it upon himself to get up early to shop for those unable. Mr. Butler put himself in harm’s way to ensure that members of his community had necessities.

When the pandemic began, stores rationed items people still needed, including food, toiletries, and other things for daily living. However, with the fear surrounding COVID, many people were nervous about leaving their homes. Many in our community had challenges getting to the store for necessities in a non-pandemic environment, and COVID-19 decreased accessibility. This is where Mr. Butler took it upon himself to step up and serve the community by volunteering to shop for those unable.  Using Nextdoor, Facebook, and other media outlets, Mr. Butler would connect with families and community members who needed assistance purchasing essential items such as baby wipes, food, toilet paper, and other basic necessities.

Mr. Butler shopped for seniors who were especially at risk for COVID, parents unable to get away for fear of exposing themselves or their children. While seemingly small, these acts of kindness meant the world to those unable to get to the store themselves.

Hearing about Mr. Butler’s work, Deborah Hicks approached Club President, Clyde Lewis and suggested that the Kiwanis Club of the Delta Antioch show appreciation for his community service. After discussion club members all agreed that honoring Mr. Butler with the Community Service Award was the least, we could do.

Joining a service club is easy, serving the community is where the work happens. Mr. Butler, a reporter for KCBS, works on stories of all sorts, but this time the story is about his dedication to the community.


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