Attempted murder suspect arrested following police raid of Antioch home early Friday morning

Concord and Antioch Police Officers conduct a joint operation to apprehend a suspect for attempted murder in Antioch, CA on July 16, 2021. Photos provided by individual who chose to remain anonymous.

“Concord PD had a search warrant for several residents.” – Antioch Police Lt. Desmond Bittner

By Allen Payton

At approximately 6:00 am on Friday, July 16, 2021, the Concord Police Department with an assist from the Antioch Police Department conducted a raid on a residence on Rodeo Court in Antioch. According to a witness, the purpose of the raid was to serve an arrest warrant on an individual for attempted murder.

According to a source in the APD, the Concord SWAT Team led the raid with support from the APD that included a second armored vehicle, personnel and communications support.

The suspect was apprehended on the scene by the Concord Swat Team.

UPDATE: A woman who lives at the house refuted the information provided by the witness and police source, saying that the police only wanted to question the man they were there looking for and that he was only detained, not arrested. She said she was also detained. However, the witness referred to earlier in this report said the man was put in handcuffs and taken away in a police car.

When contacted to verify what occurred, Antioch Police Lt. Desmond Bittner said, “We did assist Concord by lending them our SWAT truck and a few UAS (drone) operators. I know Concord PD had a search warrant for several residents. I believe the warrant was for attempted murder involving a firearm. Concord PD would obviously have the most accurate information.”

Efforts to obtain additional information from the Concord Police Department were unsuccessful prior to publication time. Please check back later for any updates to this report. (See more photos on the Antioch Herald Facebook page)

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CPD & APD arrest warrant raid Rodeo Court 07-16-21

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