Antioch man wanted for felony domestic violence surrenders following six-hour stand-off with police Wednesday

An officer in the top of the Antioch Police Department’s MRAP vehicle shot multiple non-lethal rounds into the Aster Drive apartment where the suspect had barricaded himself on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Photos by Allen Payton

Threatened to kill one officer and his family then barricaded himself in an apartment; no gunshots fired

By Allen Payton

What started out as a 9-11 call for domestic violence turned into a six-hour stand-off that ended peacefully, as a wanted Antioch man surrendered to police Wednesday evening. The suspect was accused by his girlfriend, with whom he has a child, of beating her, led police on a brief high-speed chase and then barricaded himself inside an apartment on Aster Drive, Wednesday morning. The 46-year-old man who lives at the complex, finally gave himself up after hours of negotiations and non-lethal shots fired by Antioch SWAT, and was arrested on multiple charges.

He also threatened to kill an Antioch Police Officer, who he identified, as well as the officer’s family.

Argument With Girlfriend Leads to Violence

According to Antioch Police Sgt Brian Rose, on Wednesday morning, “the suspect’s girlfriend called the police to tell us there was a domestic violence incident. They have a five-year-old child together. Earlier in the day they got into an argument, and he hit her in the head and face several times and choked her to the point she almost lost consciousness.”

“He said he had a gift for her and left and came back with a pistol,” Rose continued. “He struck her one time in the area of her left shoulder with the gun. She then fled the apartment on Aster Drive and called us.”

SWAT waits for instructions before heading upstairs to the apartment.

Suspect Threatens to Kill Police Officer & Family

“The suspect sent a text message to the victim that he would kill an Antioch Police Officer, mentioned the specific officer and included a photo of that officer’s business card in the text message, and to kill his family, too,” Rose stated. “Because of that information, an officer decided to wait in the front of the police facility in case the suspect showed up. He then drove in front and was driving erratically. Officers had his photo and description of his car, then pursued him from near the police facility to the apartment complex on Aster Drive
Asked if the police knew the suspect, Rose responded, “Yes, we’ve had previous contact with him.”

“The suspect drove to the side of the complex, got out of the car, ran into the apartment and barricaded himself in at about 11:30 am,” Rose explained. “The SWAT team arrived about 3:30 pm and deployed chemical agents into the apartment. Attempted negotiations were ongoing throughout the six hours facilitated by our crisis negotiations team who are specially trained.”

Multiple non-lethal shots were fired by an officer from the top of the department’s MRAP vehicle and a loud siren and announcement could be heard stating, “You’re surrounded. We have a warrant for your arrest. Come out with your hands above your head.”

According to a neighbor who said she witnessed it, “police threw a tear gas canister into the room where the suspect was and he threw it back out.”

SWAT Goes In, Suspect Surrenders

SWAT went upstairs to the apartment at about shortly after 5:00 p.m. and multiple loud shots could be heard.

“There were no gunshots fired. What people heard were light sound devices also known as flash bangs used to disorient the suspect or chemical agents that produced smoke,” Rose explained.

The Antioch SWAT heads upstairs to the apartment where the suspect had barricaded himself in as other officers watch as they stand near residents who were also watching the incident unfold.

The suspect could then be seen through the open upstairs sliding glass door talking with the officer in the top of the MRAP.

“The suspect ended up coming out of the apartment about 5:18 pm,” Rose shared. “He came out peacefully, followed orders with his hands up and was taken into custody without any physical force.”

“He was arrested for felony domestic violence, assault with a firearm of a person which is also a felony, and for assault with a deadly weapon with great bodily injury because he choked the victim, and another felony of criminal threats because he threatened to kill the victim and obstructing the police,” Rose stated. “We never found a gun and no, he didn’t fire any shots at the police.”

Asked for the suspect’s name, he responded, “we are not releasing the suspect’s name at this time.”

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