Antioch’s Dozier-Libbey Medical High School celebrates Class of 2021 in the heat

The Dozier-Libbey Class of 2021 listens to their classmates speak during graduation ceremonies in the Deer Valley High stadium Thursday night, June 17, 2021. Photos by Jesus Cano.

“they’ll carry on and do great things with their leadership” – Former principal Scott Bergerhouse

Valedictorian Sidrah Rabiah Shah speaks to her classmates.

By Jesus Cano

Dozier-Libbey Medical High School valedictorian Sidrah Rabiah Shah reminded her class of 2021 how much they went through over their four years as high school students. (See ceremony video)

“Our class is different. We will forever be etched in the history books, who have been able to graduate without ever stepping foot on campus (during their senior year).” Shah said. “We are the class that barged into the quad to protest a shooting that killed 17 in Parkland. We are the class that stuck together and helped one another through a deadly pandemic.”

Ceremonies for this year’s graduating class of the certified pathway academy, estimated to be between 150-160 students, was held in the Deer Valley High School stadium. Unlike the rest of the district’s high schools, Dozier-Libbey specifically focuses on health and science.

Salutatorian Adanna Chimara shares about her and her fellow graduates’ high school experience.

During salutatorian Adanna Chimara’s speech, she recounted her first thought of Dozier-Libbey, which consisted of a rigorous amount of schoolwork, but said at the end of the day it allowed herself and her peers to be more prepared for the real world.

“Today, a combination that has allowed us to grow and learn more about ourselves,” she said. “And so, because of our time here, we’re there to take on any challenges or longer stuff that might come in our way.”

Former Dozier-Libbey principal Scott Bergerhouse was in attendance as a representative from the Antioch Unified School District – where he serves as director of student support services. He said being at the graduation was an honor, especially since he got to work first-hand with these students.

Former principal Scott Bergerhouse speaks to the graduating seniors.

“I remember when they were little freshmen and sophomore students working so hard. It’s so nice to see their success tonight,” Bergerhouse said. “Dozier-Libbey truly prepares them for not just the academic world but their whole life. And some of the challenges that they face in today’s world, they’ll carry on and do great things with their leadership, so I am very proud of them.”

The graduation was originally slated for 7 p.m. but was postponed until 8 p.m. due to this week’s heatwave. Spectators and students were provided with iced cold water as they entered the stadium. All five of the school board members and Superintendent Stephanie Anello attended the ceremony.

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