Oakley resident Tim Herode launches campaign for governor to “restore California”

Tim Herode speaks at his campaign launch in Byron on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Photos by Allen Payton

“Together we will listen and act with integrity, transparency and accountability. Three things we haven’t had for a while.” – Tim Herode, candidate for Governor of California

By Allen Payton

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, Oakley resident Tim Herode announced the launch of his campaign to be the next governor of the Golden State with the theme “Restore California”. With about 50 people in attendance at Campos Family Vineyards in Byron, the candidate gave his reasons for running and why he should replace the incumbent, Gavin Newsom who is most likely facing a recall election, later this year. Herode vowed to return integrity, transparency and accountability to state government.

He was introduced by Michelle Campos, owner of the venue.

Tim Herode, (center front) is surrounded by his youngest son Nolan (left), daughter Hannah, wife Heather (back right) and oldest son Mitchell. Photo from the campaign Facebook page.

“We’re going to have an amazing night, tonight,” she said. “He is a man of faith. He wants you to know that he is not a politician. He’s a businessman. He’s a family man. He’s a pastor. He has a huge heart for we the people. He cares about you. He cares about this great state and he cares about restoring California back to a righteous government.”

“We can tell you with 100 percent assuredness, he operates his life with integrity, transparency and accountability and I think you can agree with me that’s what we need in our state, right now,” Campos said.

Before beginning prepared remarks, the 49-year-old internet technology professional was joined on the stage by his wife, Heather and their three children, Hannah, Mitchell and Nolan.

At one point during Herode’s speech he said, “If the truth hurts it’s going to be a painful night,” and “I’m not here to be your politician and if you think that you came to the wrong party. I’m here for we the people. We are going to restore California.”

Digital signs on the wall behind the stage where Herode spoke showed messages of “Restore California” and his campaign logo with the message at the bottom of “A Hero for California.”

Digital Signs at Herode’s campaign launch show his campaign theme and slogan.

Following are the prepared and live remarks from Herode’s campaign announcement speech: (see video)

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for attending this very important and exciting official announcement to launch my campaign for Governor of the State of California. I believe in ‘We The People of the State of California, grateful to the Almighty God for our Freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution,’ our pre-amble to this great state.

And We The People, need to take the power out of government and bring such power back into our hands.

What does that mean to me? What does that mean to us as a state of great people?  Is to encourage and protect the truth.

California citizens have been confined to their homes for over a year, their children under educated, small businesses have closed or moved, suffered loss of life and possessions from lack of forest management, the jobless have been deprived of unemployment insurance, while thousands and thousands of prisoners were released from prison in the name of COVID-19, and now our EDD has suffered a $30 billion loss.

The audience inside the Campos Family Vineyards event center for the Tim Herode for Governor campaign launch.

While the lockdowns have been mandated by our current Governor and his administration, record executive orders have been made with the absence of legislative over site and most of all without the voice of We The People.  During this dire period, the current governor and fellow health advisors were dining in at one of the most expensive restaurants of the Napa Valley without masks. Our current governor and many others from his team, while mandating school closures causing many parents to quit their jobs.

In addition, homelessness grows, taxes and fuel costs continue to increase, wildfires have destroyed homes, businesses and family memories all while politicians fatten their wallets and boost their careers by answering to the “big donors” known as lobbyists.

Let’s talk about schools. Our current governor supports being indoctrinated instead of honest education and has proposed a $6.6 billion plan.  Schools should not open with political agendas.  With our current state funding, education and where a student attends school should be a parent’s preference.

Tim Herode signaled to the audience each time he said “we the people”.

We will work to develop a plan to reform California education that educates our children for their future rather than indoctrinating them for politically driven social correctness.

We will eliminate hidden agendas, the portals of evil, and stop the destructive redirection of our Delta water resources being re-routed to southern California lawns, through the process of desalination plants to not only produce water for consumption, but to also save the livelihood and lives of millions of Californians, including our first responders.

By utilizing the desalination plants as water resources for forest management, this process can contain fires before they reach our citizens.  We do not want another ‘Red Dawn’ do we?

We will begin a responsible, strategic and timely audit to end irresponsible government spending and fearlessly work to redirect those funds to offset unnecessary taxation of our citizens including our cities that are in desperate need of infrastructure upgrades.

We will implement a homelessness task force that will work with local non-profit organizations. This will help to restore the willing back to work yet, end government assisted drug use.  This will include cleaning up our homeless encampments that have turned the image of our state into that of a third world country.  In addition, we will create new and enforce effective laws to prevent panhandling and homeless citizens from infiltrating business districts.

We will create change and mandates to bring back law and order to illegal immigration, where thousands are crossing our California borders each day. And the cost, anger and despair we are paying in being a Sanctuary State.”

“Why should people be able to come into this country or this state and not live by the same laws we do?” Herode asked.

“We will have a new plan to support pro-life policies that will listen from the heart and preserve the importance of life to our future generations,” he continued. Regarding abortion and having a prolife position Herode asked, “How many amazing people are gone that we never knew?”

“And to include and with the utmost importance, to implement a ‘We The People’ committee that ensures your voices will be heard by organizing county by county, governor’s meetings to discuss the most relevant and important concerns,” he continued.

“When is the last time you got to sit down and talk with your governor?” Herode asked. “We’re going to make face to face encounters with you, from the heart. Not based on how much you donate to my campaign. I don’t care what color you are. I don’t care what your belief. I’m going to serve you.”

“Together we will listen and act with integrity, transparency and accountability. Three things we haven’t had for a while,” he added.

“In the words of our former Governor of California and eloquent President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, ‘We believe in work, family, religion and the freedom that God places in each of us.’”

“In closing, I am not here to be your politician, I am here for you, to be fully ordained by We The People. I’m not here to be a politician. I’m here to help people.” Herode said to cheers from the audience. “I’m not here to be your politician and if you think that you came to the wrong party. I’m here for we the people.”

“We are going to restore California,” he concluded. “Thank you and God bless each and every one of you for being with us, tonight.”

Herode then answered a few questions from the audience before spending the rest of the time speaking one-on-one with those who attended.

According to his LinkedIn page, Herode is a “dedicated, passionate and innovative Information Systems Strategist” and “has more than 20 years of experience in various roles in Information Technology” as a business owner, in project management, system maintenance, helpdesk management, multi-site network management, procedure implementation, and international security development [I.T.A.R].” A “methodical leader” Herode “has provided strategic consultation and IT services, successfully managed and executed IT projects; conducted system installations and configurations, and spear headed regional security policy development.” An “intrapreneurship-driven professional”. he “has built strong relationships throughout his career with the purpose of building trust and a life-giving business atmosphere.”

For more information about his campaign visit www.TimHerode.com or his campaign Facebook page.

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