Hit and run driver arrested in Antioch Saturday morning

Hit and run driver’s car. Photos: APD

By Antioch Police Department

See something? Say something!

Yesterday, around 9:30 am, APD Dispatch received 9-1-1 calls reporting a vehicle collision at Lone Tree and Muirwood Ways. While officers were responding to the scene, a witness reported one of the involved vehicles (a gray Buick), ran the red light and was fleeing the scene. The witness gave a description and license plate of the vehicle, but that’s not all – he watched (from a safe distance) as the barely drivable Buick continued down Lone Tree Way for over two miles with the airbags deployed. Thanks to his actions, officers were able to quickly locate the vehicle and detain the driver, who it turns out had a suspended license and no insurance. He will have a future court date to explain his actions to a judge, and his now totaled vehicle was impounded.

Victim’s car. Photo: APD

What can you do if you see something that needs our attention? Remember, never put yourself in danger (that’s what we get paid for!). Try to obtain a description of the vehicle + license plate and get on the phone with 9-1-1 (if an emergency) or by calling (925) 778-2441 if it’s a non-emergency.

Thankfully, none of the involved parties to this collision were seriously injured (but we imagine they’ll be a little sore today). When the witness was asked why he took action, he said “What if this happened to my family?” Can we get a special thanks to our Good Samaritan neighbor from Brentwood that saw something – and said something? Thanks for helping us keep Antioch safe!  #antiochpdca  #neighborshelpingneighbors


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