CHP investigating Sunday night solo car crash on Hwy 4 in Antioch

UPDATE: CHP Officers have not yet interviewed female who was intubated

By Allen Payton

The CHP is investigating a solo vehicle crash on Highway 4 east of Somersville Road in Antioch that occurred Sunday night and injured two, a woman and man, both reported to be Hispanic and in their early 20’s.

Asked if it was caused by a DUI driver, CHP-Contra Costa Public Information Officer Brandon Correia responded, “the female driver was not under the influence, but the male passenger was. She rolled the vehicle and sustained major injuries but as far as officers know, not life-threatening, and was transported to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek.”

However, questions have arisen of who was the actual driver of the vehicle. It was reported the male’s mother arrived on the scene and drove him to a different hospital.

Asked which side of the vehicle sustained most of the damage, if there are any photos available, if either had alcohol in their systems when they arrived at the hospital, and who called 9-11, Correia responded, “all of this is under investigation.”

“The officers on scene went off what evidence was located and statements of involved and witnesses,” he continued. “I was told by officers they did not have enough information at the time of the crash and her interview at the hospital to place her under arrest for DUI.”

“The report investigation is not complete,” Correia added. “And there are no pictures to publicly share.”


CHP-Contra Costa PIO Correia provided the following additional information Tuesday morning:

“Our preliminary collision report from the incident is as follows:

Our officers received a call of a solo vehicle collision on Hwy-4, east of Somersville Road, and reported by witnesses to have collided into the concrete center divider. Upon their arrival, they located a solo vehicle collision with two occupants. (One female and one male) The vehicle had consistent damage of colliding with the concrete center divider. The driver side of the vehicle had extensive damage and lots of blood, while the passenger side had little damage. (Both occupants were out of the vehicle upon Officers arrival.) Officers located the male with his parents (who were already on scene) and he had only suffered very minor injuries. Officers confirmed he had been drinking and he related he was the passenger and related the female was the driver.

Officers located the female in the back of the ambulance (already on scene) being treated by emergency personnel for major lacerations and injuries. The female was unable to provide a statement at the scene, but officers observed her injuries and her covered in blood (which is consistent with her being the driver and suffering injuries from the major damage to the vehicles drivers side and blood covering her driver’s side of the vehicle. She was transported to the hospital by the ambulance.

Once Officers arrived to the hospital, they contacted the female driver but she was put under intubation by the hospital staff and was unable to provide a statement. The officers did not observe any apparent signs and symptoms of intoxication/impaired.

At this point, due to evidence on scene, vehicle damage, blood in particular areas, passenger statement, and witness statements (including 911 calls), the Officers determined it was a solo vehicle, major injury, non-DUI collision.  The investigation is still pending as the officer needs to obtain a statement from the female driver and that should happen very soon when she is able to communicate.”

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