Antioch shoplifter with knife arrested for felony robbery Friday

Photos: APD

By Antioch Police Department

Yesterday, Friday, Feb. 5, 2021 at about 12:10 pm, APD Dispatch got a call reporting a shoplifter at a store on Somersville Road. The shoplifter pulled out a knife on an employee that tried to stop him near the store exit. The employee provided an EXCELLENT description of his getaway vehicle, which was relayed to officers immediately over the radio. Officer Milner was in the area and saw a matching vehicle traveling northbound on Somersville. APD dayshift officers raced to the scene and were able to stop the vehicle at Auto Center and Sycamore Drives. The driver was safely detained, the employee was brought to the scene, and a positive identification was made. A large knife was recovered from his vehicle which the employee also identified as the same one used against her. Officers obtained video surveillance and there was no doubt they had their man.

A misdemeanor shoplifting incident was escalated to a felony robbery because a knife was used to threaten a store employee. He was fitted with a pair of chrome bracelets and given an express ride to the County Jail (so he could tell others that crime doesn’t pay in Antioch).

What can you do if you witness a crime such as this? First – and foremost – NEVER put yourself in danger. Call 9-1-1 if it’s safe to do so and be prepared to give a description of the suspect and vehicle (if applicable). Try to remember a distinctive article of clothing or something that stands out about their appearance. If you can remember all or part of the license plate, we can do a lot to find vehicles through computer searches and investigation. Thanks for helping us keep Antioch safe and kudos to the observant retail employee, who had the presence of mind to do all these things, and help us catch the bad guy!

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