Antioch POP Team arrest “Fraud God” and gang members

Stolen IDs, gun, drugs and cash confiscated by Antioch POP Team. Photo: APD

Over 1,000 stolen ID cards, forged checks and EDD cards!

Illegally parked car leads to arrest for drug sales, illegal gun

By Antioch Police Department

Suspect’s “Fraud God” pendant. Photo: APD

The last couple of days were very productive for the Antioch Police Department’s Problem-Oriented Policing (POP) Team. After several months of investigative work and working with members of the community, the POP team was able to tackle a number of the ongoing issues in some of the city’s problem areas.

Tuesday, our POP Team served a search warrant related to an ongoing investigation that led to the arrest of a subject with an outstanding warrant. Over one thousand ID cards, forged checks, and EDD cards were recovered along with a gun (possessed by a convicted felon). One interesting observation, the arrested subject wanted it to be known that he was the “Fraud God” and purchased a gold chain as proof. This is one of the pictures we included in this post so you can see for yourselves.

The day continued with a focus on the Sycamore Square shopping center. We would like to make it clear, illegally parking in the handicapped zone is not a “pick up food zone” and should not be abused. Not only did this contact lead to a $250 parking ticket, but the driver was also arrested for drug sales and an illegal firearm.

Gun drugs cash confiscated from suspects. Illegally parked car that led to arrest. Photos: APD

Wednesday, the POP Team served several search warrants on active gang members in the city. With the assistance of the APD Gang Unit and Investigations Bureau, we were able to take two stolen guns off the street possessed by convicted felons as well as marijuana for sales.

Like always, the Problem-Oriented Policing Unit would love to hear from you to help reduce any ongoing problems. Our POP Team can be reached by emailing You can also submit a tip by sending a text message to 274637 with the keyword ANTIOCH in your text.


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