Contra Costa DA’s Office participates in National “Wear Blue” Day to promote human trafficking awareness

Photos: CCDA

By Scott Alonso, Public Information Officer, Contra Costa County Office of the District Attorney

Martinez, Calif. – Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton joined members of the DA’s Office Contra Costa Human Trafficking Taskforce on Monday to participate in the national “Wear Blue” initiative to promote Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Images of staff members with the DA’s Office wearing blue will be shared on our office’s social media accounts with the Contra Costa County hashtag “ContraCostaWearsBlue.” Multiple agencies and individuals will be sharing images today with this hashtag to share solidarity with human trafficking victims.

A huge part of exploitation is convincing our trafficking victims that no one cares about them or what is happening to them. This helps to isolate victims and make them more reliant on an exploiter if they come to believe that the exploiter is “the only one” who cares.

“The DA’s Office wants to underscore we care about all our victims, have services and support right here in our community and will look to hold exploiters accountable,” said Becton.

If you or someone you know has information regarding any acts or suspicions of human trafficking, please call the Contra Costa County Human Trafficking tip line maintained by the Discrict Attorney’s Office: 925-957-8658.

Local resources include Community Violence Solutions 24-hour resources line (800-670-7273) and Contra Costa’s Family Justice Center (925) 521-6366). To report suspected exploitation of youth, call the CFS/Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-881-1116.

Contra Costa County was awarded a federal grant in October 2018 to form a Human Trafficking Taskforce. The taskforce has state, federal and local law enforcement partners and prosecutors that collaborates with local community service providers to provide victims with culturally competent services and support while investigating and prosecuting cases involving sex trafficking, labor trafficking and related crimes of exploitation.

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CCDA Wear Blue Day 1-11-21

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